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Sirfx Review: Scam Forex Indicators? is like the Walmart of trading indicators. They have King Trendix, Future Volume, My Holy Grail, Exit Indicator and Peak and Valley indicator.

Sirfx appears to have specialized in trading indicators only and for that reason, we decided to give it a review and let traders get a sneak peek of their variety and at the end of the day, we will provide an opinion.

SirFX website claims that the business is run by a team of software developers and mathematicians who love Forex trading and would like to implement technical analysis for Forex trading.

They’re telling the community that SirFX was launched in 2014 to share with the world the best MetaTrader 4 and 5 trading indicators.

The word ”best” should be taken with a grain of salt since no Forex software developer will ever promote their products using words such as worst, ugly etc.

They claim that since SirFX indicators were launched, they’ve constantly upgraded them and supported their customers all through.

They’re inviting us to contact them if we have questions. A contact form has been integrated on the site to facilitate this action.

They’re not saying who’s behind SirFX Indicators and definitely we are not finding success in locating their physical address.

So we assume that these marketers want to remain anonymous. This begs the question of why we should even trust their Forex indicators when they do not wish to disclose their identity.

Please note: when looking for a decent Forex robot or trading system, you should always consult this page because we do check and use trading software before we can recommend it.

We don’t and can’t mislead you because it’s the primary intention of this website to lead traders in the right direction.

SirFX review

SirFX website is professionally done and sprinkled with some javascript magic here and there. The presentation is neat and straight to the point.

They’ve included a couple of videos to help demonstrate the working of their indicators to their audience. What they have not demonstrated is the profitability of these indicators as no trading results have been posted anywhere on their website.

Also, they offer 3 plans for traders of all levels. These include Rookie Trader ($298), Pro Trader ($397) and Expert Trader ($595).

These plans basically combine a number of SirFX indicators in order to sell them as a bundle. Traders can choose any of the plans based on their experience as well as their pocket.

The developer has also provided a brief overview of their trading indicators and how they work. We’ll quickly list them down.

SirFX indicators review

King Trendix Indicator

If you purchase this SirFX indicator as a standalone indicator, you’ll have to folk out $249. The developer tells us that this is their latest development and is suitable for aggressive traders.

It is allegedly helpful when trading the 15 min and 1 hour time frames respectively. It is also designed for volatile markets such as GBP or USD and can be used for news trading.

Future Volume Indicator

This SirFX indicator costs $199 as a standalone product. They claim it’s unique, professional financial instruments that works on the volume of candlesticks.

This indicator will predict further price changes. It also indicates “oversold” and “overbought” points with colors. They claim it does not repaint or recalculate.

The alleged benefit of this SirFX indicator is that it shows lines when new candles open. These lines never varnish during the current candle formation.

My Holy Grail Indicator

This trading indicator costs $149 and was designed to predict future trends using overbought and oversold points. Traders can change values at different time frames.

Exit Indicator

This SirFX indicator seems to be the cheapest product on their website. The developer claims that it is easy to identify entry but not exit.

It uses blue and red arrows to indicate where to exit trades accordingly.

SirFX review: money back guarantee

They’ve given traders a chance to recover their money in case they can’t fix bugs or support is taking too long to respond.

This must mean that the developer is working round the clock to monitor orders and respond to customer queries promptly.

Our opinion regarding SirFX indicators

Unlike a Forex expert advisor, a trading indicator can be difficult to sell unless the developer is willing to show us that they are using their indicators to trade the Forex market.

If that is the case, they should be able to show us their trading performance at least. At the end of the day, majority of traders who are looking for such tools will love to take a glimpse at the developer’s myfxbook account just to confirm that the developer is putting his money where his mouth is.

I cannot understand why SirFX is creating multiple trading indicators and not concentrating on a few products. The fewer the products, the easier it is to focus on updates.

The more the number of trading indicators, the more hectic it feels to update all of them at the right time.

Personally, I would have loved it if this developer proved to the trading community that they are trading the Forex market with their indicators and getting good results.

I just don’t fall for javascript magic on a site that is full of indicators. I would have loved it if we got a 4 day trial at least to test and familiarize ourselves with the indicators before we can purchase any.


I think the 30-day money back guarantee is good but at the same time, I am wondering whether the developer is a trader or an internet marketer.

Most of the SirFX indicators on sale are costly given that an average indicator will cost $100 or less. Also, we need to see whether this developer is a trader but unfortunately there’s no proof.

Thanks for reading this SirFX review. I would encourage you guys to try these trading products first because they are backed by strong trading results.

Of course I am now giving you room to drop your comments.


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