SiliconFxMarkets Review: Forex and Binary Scam is a new broker purporting to provide investing services through trading of Forex, Crypto and binary options.

Silicon Fx Markets mode of operation involves asking “investors” to send Bitcoin to a specific wallet on the promise of guaranteed returns.

Sending money to this website’s admin is strictly in Bitcoin. However, when it comes to withdrawals, they claim to support a number of methods.

There is a problem with this style of operation.

It is standard practice for brokers to only provide withdrawals through the same means that was used to deposit funds.

There is no way a broker or a financial service will provide withdrawal through a different means that was not used when depositing funds.

Furthermore, is run by anonymous website admins who registered the domain in April 2020.


We have looked at their alleged awards and concluded that they are false.

According to SiliconFxMarkets’s promotion materials, the broker’s website has been winning awards since 2014.

This cannot be true because this website was not in business back then.

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Is legit?

From the word go, we see that whoever is running this website is not honest.

There are many red flags to start with. They claim to be a team of professional traders with expertise in Forex, Binary and Cryptocurrencies.

This is a vague introduction since we do not know who is involved in running the website.

Secondly, Silicon Fx Markets claims to be based in the United States.

If this is so, they should be registered with the SEC and submitting their fillings frequently since the business is providing securities to the public.

This is not happening and it is crystal clear that SiliconFxMarkets does not have a SEC license.

The scammer is probably not based in the United States as claimed on the sales page.

Furthermore, the platform is not transparent in the sense that we do not know what their trading platform looks like, what they are doing with our money and so on.

It would be wise to provide these details for traders and investors to know how their money is “invested”.

The problem is that does not invest their clients’ money.

The web admin is intending to scam investors of whatever bitcoins they send.

Conclusion is just another lie that is meant to manipulate victims financially.

This is not profitable investing in Bitcoin. It is profit to the thief and tears to the victim.

Avoid these fraudulent financial activities.