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GOT SCAMMED by a broker? Fill out this form to schedule FREE consultation with experts who will assist you recover your funds. is a Forex signals and trading systems provider for MT4 platform advertising 230% verified returns.

Signals Trading claims that they are a team of experienced traders and programmers with 8 years of experience.

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According to this page, domain was registered in 2013.

Their Facebook page has given them a good rating but we strongly believe the reviews are doctored or fake for that matter.

Signals Trading is also claiming to have developed their trading system for 5 years. They want us to know that their website is providing 8 days of free trial.

signals trading review

They claim that Signals Trading is a US-compliant operation which means that traders from the US can utilize their signals.

They want traders to know that their Forex signals system monitors the market in real time using 12 different parameters.

It is not known what the 12 parameters are. So we believe they must be referring to trading indicators.

In addition to this, Signals Trading is claiming to provide 24/7 customer support. On weekends, the Forex market is closed so we are not quite sure what this signal vendor will be doing working on a weekend.

Another thing is; we noticed that Signals Trading is using the account of another signal vendor known as 

We need a proper explanation as to why this is happening. Either they are affiliated with traders from or are stealing their results to make them look legitimate.

Regardless of the case, this is shameful. We’re going to review anyway to let you know whether or not this is a reliable signal vendor. review

The vendor does not say where they are located at. However, traders can contact them using an embedded contact form or through Skype (signalstrading1).

The signal provider intends to send signals to your email, phone or MT4 account. Those who want to try this service for free can only receive signals in email.

Paid customers will however receive trading signals on their phone and also in their MT4 account using a copy trading mechanism.

However, to register for the free trial, traders must sign up with the vendor’s affiliated broker. No exception.

There will be not need for a VPS since Signals Trading is offering free hosting of trader’s MT4 accounts. They also tell traders that they have full control of their open trades with take profit, entries and stop loss. does not disclose how they manage risks in their trades. They only claim that they will trade starting with 0.01 lot and if a trader loses, they will be compensated the sum of US dollars lost.

Whether they’ll stick to their word or not is something we are not sure of. Furthermore, we have not seen any reviews or feedback from people who claim this is the case. review: Trading strategy

They’re not disclosing their trading strategy either. However, they are also inviting professional traders to trade their clients’ funds.

As a professional trader, one should be trading a live account with a minimum balance of at least $5,000. Draw down should never be more than 15%.

Net profit of the account should be at least 5% in the lifetime of this account.

Signal vendors are increasingly looking to partner with experienced and profitable traders to offer trading strategies to their clients.

In return, they split profits. This is the same case with Trading FX Signals which is a social trading platform connecting professional traders with those seeking to copy their strategies.

With no trading strategy disclosure, we cannot tell how they are trading, what the risk reward ratio is or how they manage risks.

Signals package

There are 4 subscription plans offered by If traders choose to subscribe to the monthly package, they’ll pay €99.

Traders can also opt for the 3 month package where they’ll pay €240. There are also two other package that require traders to part with €399 (6 months plan) or €588 (yearly plan).

The only difference between these signal plans is the length of time that one will remain subscribe. The shorter the duration, the more a trader will pay instead of saving. trading performance does not provide results of their own. They claim to provide monthly returns of 35% and maximum draw down of 35%.

We wonder whether can sustain these results over the long term. In addition to this, we don’t know why they are showing us somebody else’ myfxbook results.

This disqualifies them automatically.

So we cannot talk about trading results either.

Conclusion seems to have missed the whole point especially when they decided to show us results for another signal vendor.

Their 8 to 10 day free trial is not bad but the question we are asking is why should we even bother if the signal vendor is not being transparent from the word go.

We’ll not recommend Signals Trading at this time. Hopefully, we hope they’ll iron out the issues that are making them look non transparent.

You can leave your review in case you’ve tried this service before.

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