Signalspro007 Review: Is Signal Pro 007 Scam or Legit?

This Signalspro007 review discusses all you need to know concerning a trading product and signal provider known as Signalspro007.

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Signals pro 007 was launched in 2018, so our review is a bit late but we’ll take a look into their EA and signals to see whether they’re viable for the long term. Check here for the best Forex EAs and signal providers.

So far, the creator of this product has developed and launched 3 types of trading products.

They have the Signals Pro 007 EA, paid Telegram alerts where up to 10 trading signals are delivered per day and a free Telegram channel to deliver up to 3 signals for free.

However, to use their trade setups, Signalspro007 feels that traders must already be having some background in the financial markets.

Signalspro007 review signals and EA

They believe that their “expert market analysis” where they tell you what to trade, how to trade and manage your position is the best way to follow strategies of their “expert traders”.

They also feel that this method of doing things is the easiest, clearest and simplest.

However, Signals pro 007 did not disclose their identity or trading background. They’ve only provided a gmail address, a whatsapp contact (+91 9860789573) and social media handles.

We believe that this part is very critical in cultivating trust and if the signal provider cannot introduce their traders, we feel as if this is yet another scam.

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Furthermore, given the high price tag of their expert advisor, people are not likely to order a license unless they can actually see some level of transparency in the sales page.

Signalspro007 review

The homepage of this developer’s website is quite brief but straight forward.

We appreciate the minimalist design which is far different from the approach used by developers who created FXMath x-trader, EAtree and RoFX.

Signals Pro 007 wants traders to know that they provide “superior trade setups and education as well.

They believe that Signalspro007 trading tools are a state of the art.

In addition to this, they believe that they’re one of the best Forex signal providers.

According to the website’s marketing materials, Signalspro007 has a successful collaboration with talented and experienced traders from across the world.

With regards to their EA, we feel that the pricing is a bit on the higher side. Unless they convince us that their EA can justify the price tag, we believe that their selling will be in vain.

The price of a lifetime’s license is $599 and there’s no other option like monthly subscription.

In the next section of this Signalspro007 review, we’ll look at the EA’s trading strategy as well as signals packages.

Signals pro 007 review: EA and trading strategy

Signalspro007 EA is allegedly generating 5% returns per day which means that in 30 days, one can allegedly make 150%.

This sounds like mere marketing gimmick as we don’t think there’s any reality to this statement.

Look at the strategy of Signals pro 007 EA, we find that it is using a strong currency trend following strategy.

They also state that they’ve included lots of trend following indicators in the strategy.

This is the best they can give in terms of describing their trading methodology.

We’re still disappointed by the fact that despite Signalspro007 making bold income claims with regards to their Forex robot’s potential earnings, they’re not able to deeply delve into the details of how trends are followed.

We need to know how this EA identities positions and how it enters and exits.

We also need this developer to explain how they manage risk.

There’s no way traders can pay $599 for a Forex robot when these details have not been presented.

EA can trade all pairs. However, the developer recommends the following currency pairs for best results:


Trading signals of Signalspro007

Under this category of products offered by this vendor, we find paid and free Telegram signals.

Paid Telegram signal alerts allegedly have an accuracy of 85% and aim to achieve 2000 pips monthly.

In addition to this, Signalspro007 promises to provide hourly updates, live Telegram alerts, exact entries before a trade and trade management.

On the other hand, we see conflicting information regarding the number of pips which they can potentially make.

In another section of the website, marketing materials suggests that Signalspro007 is producing 1000+ pips weekly.

We’re not sure whether these claims can be verified. It will look bad when this signal vendor is actually not able to provide proof of their alleged pips.’

Paid signals are divided into 3 packages. The only difference between packages is the duration of subscription.

Monthly package costs $49. Annual subscribers will pay $149 or if they want lifetime membership, they can get this for an unbelievable low price of $299.

Looking at the pricing, we feel that something is not right with their pricing.

On one hand they exorbitantly charge for a trading robot and on the other, they provide ridiculously low subscription fees which begs the question of whether their signals are truly profitable.

There’s no way a professional signal provider can charge $299 for lifetime membership. They don’t have lifetime memberships.

Trading Results

The vendor’s marketing materials promises 1000+ pips per week and 5% returns every day with their Signalspro007 EA.

While these returns are too good to be true and we didn’t wish to waste our time reviewing this part of their sales material, we’re forced to do so to show you just how ridiculous this vendor is.

We know very well that if a vendor is profitable in their trading, they have nothing to fear when it comes to proving that they have been making money with their trading.

They have no problem using a statement sharing platform such as myfxbook because this is the most transparent way to present results.

Signalspro007 does not choose the way of transparency and instead, they use videos and Telegram marketing to deceive consumers.

They’re actually using videos of cherry-picked trades to show their “trading results”.

The’re also using Telegram screenshots to show trades that have allegedly made money.

None of this information can be verified, which is why we’re insisting that Signals pro 007 should use

We’re disappointed because we didn’t find proof of their 5% daily returns. We equally couldn’t find proof of their alleged 1000 pips weekly results.

Signalspro007: Customer reviews

Complaints range from faulty trading software to signals with very very low success rate.

If these complaints are anything to go by, then we can conclude that marketing materials on the Signals pro 007 website are quite deceiving.

Signalspro007 reviews

We feel that this feedback is a direct reflection of what happens when you actually pay for the robot (which is expensive by the way) or trading signals.


We don’t feel inspired to use Signalspro007 signals or trading robot.

Based on how they market their trading products, we could say they over-promise but don’t deliver the expected results.

We don’t know about you but to us, this is an absolute scam. Since they’ve not verified their trading performance and they’re not willing to, the best thing to do is to avoid Signals pro 007 completely.

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Thank you for reading our Signalspro007 review.

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