Review: Is Signals Pro Legit FX Signal Provider? is a Forex signal provider by someone named “Salah” who claims to have worked for 5 years in an investment bank. The reason we’re doing this Signals Pro review is because the vendor is making claims that he can attain 5,000 pips per month.

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In addition to this, promotion materials claim that “Salah” is trading a fund and every time he places a trade here, he will deliver signals to subscribers.

We have no idea whether this is a male or female person because no proper description has been provided about this “professional trader” in the about us page. review

Most of the promotion material on the Signals Pro website appear to focus on telling us the good things that are also too good to believe.

For example, claims that they have 12+ years of experience and are currently serving 6,000+ customers.

Signals Pro is also very active on their Facebook page, always posting Telegram screenshots of supposed profits.

Therefore, in this review, we’ll look at the quality of their signals and the alleged professional trading experience.

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It’s important to note that Signals Pro is a different service from SignalsPro007.

The website of takes a very minimalist approach. The signal vendor does not provide a lot of information about their service and they’re definitely anonymous at this time.

They want investors to know that a salary is what you’re given to “bribe and persuade you” not to pursue your dreams.

The vendor believes that financial freedom can be attained by trading Forex, indices, Energies, Crypto, metals and other trading instruments.

The truth is that these statements sound gimmicky in nature and when a vendor takes this route, most of us begin to doubt them or believe they are a get-rich-quick scheme.

Nothing can be far from the truth in our review. Unless they provide substantial proof of what they claim to do, we cannot believe them.

While location of this signal vendor is not disclosed either, subscription fees are paid in their preferred native currency which is in Euros.

This suggests that is operated by someone based in Europe.

There are 5 signal packages in total and the vendor also wants curious would-be subscribers to check out his channel for “signals and past performance.”

The truth is that this is a shady way of producing performance record. A Telegram channel does not serve this purpose very well because this platform is generally meant for marketing or delivery of trading signals, nothing else.

SignalsPro.Net Signal details

Here are the details of their signals packages:

  • 1 month membership costs 50 Euros
  • 3 months membership costs 90 Euros
  • 6 months membership costs 140 Euros
  • 12 months membership costs 230 Euros
  • Lifetime membership costs 325 Euros

We’ve listed these subscription plans like this because the vendor has not provided additional details other than listing prices and package duration. review packages

Also, promotion material on the Signals Pro website suggests that these signals are for buying and selling plus they come with a stop loss and 3 take profit levels.

The question is will this signal vendor achieve the supposed 5000 pip target in a month?

Does have proof of achieving this in the past?

The answer lies in the trading performance which is easily documented in a statement sharing platform such as

Trading results does not provide any trading results for the curious trader to go through.

“Salah” who is allegedly the lead trader for the signals doesn’t have a track record of trading yet they claim to have traded for an investment in 5 years.

We find this statement unbelievable now that they can’t produce any track record.

If this is so, it means that they are losers rather than profitable traders. We wonder how the one month plan will go.

It’s a case of traders subscribing for the 1 month plan and losing money after realizing that the win rate is very poor.

Also, if this “Salah” is trading a fund, they should be offering a copy trading service rather than relying on Telegram to send their signals to subscribers.

Their style of doing things will see some subscribers losing on signals because they’ll be seeing them a little bit late.

A good way of solving this problem is to use pending orders. does not use any pending orders.

Reviews/feedback from customers

Reviews of can be seen on the controversial TrustPilot website.

And you can bet that this is a platform for reputation building meaning that moderators are paid to let owners of services post fake reviews.

As we have said many times before, consumers cannot afford to trust what they read on Trust Pilot.

Conclusion does not inspire trust like it should. The name of the so called lead signal provider and trader appears to be a pseudo and they also don’t have any trading experience to show.

We feel that this signal service will only lose you money rather than helping you make money.

You can find a good signal provider on this page. 

One Response to Review: Is Signals Pro Legit FX Signal Provider?

  1. Salah hunter says:

    I delt with him , if 1 trade hit tp , another 3 hit sl .
    Based in europe , we all have his skrill email and full name .
    They said he passed away =lie .
    I think he is afraid from police …
    Anyways there is a lots like him they want easy money .

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