Signal Boa Coin Signals Review: Is SCAM or Legit?

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Today’s review is about Signal Boa (, a platform that claims to provide profitable Buy-Sell AI signals for trading Cryptocurrencies.

Signal Boa is of the view that their clients can make more profit by trading less often. The vendor is selling subscriptions through their Telegram platform.

Additionally, Signal Boa is selling AI trading solutions to Institutional clients as well as investors who do not want to be actively involved in trading.

However, SignalBoa does not seem to be a popular destination for picking the best AI trading solutions for the Cryptocurrency market, which is why we insist on picking these recommendations instead. 

That said, this review will be helpful because I’m writing from an open-minded perspective and the ultimate decision of whether or not to try them out lies with you.

Signal Boa Coin Signals Review

Normally, a serious vendor would include their business address and the names of people who are behind the company’s activities. In the case of Signal Boa, their website is only focusing on the product which they sell and not bothering with any introductions.

This is a critical step to building trust but unfortunately SignalBoa’s website does not go this direction. The only thing that their marketing material says is that the word “BOA” originates from Italy and has a Portuguese meaning as well. They tell us that their founders are sailors.

This probably explains why the company has a marine-themed website as their storefront. That said, I can’t seem to connect the relationship between a sea farer and a Cryptocurrency trading expert who makes AI trading systems.

The company is currently offering 3 Crypto signal plans. These include the following:

  1. Ship……..   19 Tether per month
  2. Flotilla……. 49 Tether per month
  3. Fleet…….. 99 Tether per month

The signals will mainly be for a few Crypto pairs such as BTC, ETH, XLM, TRX, ETC, IOTA, EOS, NEO, QTUM, ICX, ONT, MATIC and SOL.

Clients who would like to leverage on the platform’s API feature are required to contact the vendor. This also applies to investors who are interested in the company’s managed accounts.

Signal Boa Trading Strategy (AI is involved)

The company’s marketing material claim that the Buy-Sell signals are generated from Artificial Swarm Intelligence. This concept is of the view that a swarm (i.e bees) working together unanimously can leverage their intelligence to produce outstanding results.

I don’t know how effective this is in relation to trading of Cryptocurrencies. But one thing I can say is that since I started reviewing trading products 5 years ago, I have not come across a viable trading system that uses Swarm Intelligence.

I would not say it’s a scam but at the same time I would question why Signal Boa is not a popular platform, since they claim that their system is helpful to traders.

If it was that helpful, I believe SignalBoa would have been the best thing that happened on the internet.

Customer reviews

I’ve not seen any consumer feedback or reviews regarding the signals sold by this website. This is why I decided to write a review of this vendor’s services in order to provide a condusive environment where users can air their opinion regarding SignalBoa.

So if you have an experience with this platform, kindly post it in the comment section.

The Conclusion

I would not waste money subscribing to SignalBoa’s Crypto trading services because for one, this product is very cheap, which is a sign that the quality of the signals is not that good.

Secondly, I would never sign up because it appears nobody is using this service, hence the reason we don’t have reviews just yet.

They’ve decided to market it as an AI platform where trading is done less often but profit is made. However, this is just marketing language and does not mean that investing in the signals will give any results.

Thanks for reading.

Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..

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  1. Do you want to submit a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad trading service providers..
  2. Annonymous Joe

    As someone who worked for the company I can provide some insight into the question you posed here:
    1. The reason why it is not as popular as you might think is that it was developed by a rather largely underfunded small company.
    2. The swarms do work, our internal testing has shown great results on paper trading with great benefits, however, it never “got off” in terms of being marketed.
    3. It was just a side project for the company which is actually developing the AI swarm intelligence platform for general purpose usage. This was just one of its uses. The product works, but it was late to market and underfunded so company went under, hence no popularity

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