Shearson Lehman Brothers Review: Scam or What?

Shearson Lehman Brothers from ( is purporting to provide a wide range of financial services to groups like mutual funds, hedge funds, commercial banks, Insurance companies and family offices.

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They claim that Shearson Lehman Brothers Investment Banking is where financial dreams are realized.

They allegedly have the capacity to attain Wall Street style returns.

However, this wealth manager appears to be the reincarnation of the Lehman Brothers scam.

A quick background search indicates that this entity does not have verifiable corporate details.

On the other hand, the website lists a couple of office locations where they claim to have a presence in USA, UK, Spain, Panama, Mexico and Portugal.

These stations appear to be nothing more than virtual offices.

Thankfully, our review will help shade some light on the unknowns of Shearson Lehman Brothers and if you’d like to invest in a credible fund management service, this company is the right choice for you.

Shearson Lehman Brothers review

The website of this wealth manager is quite professional, save for lack of important details like corporate information.

On the other hand, they’re also mysterious, which is a huge red flag because at the end of the day, investors will be trusting these anonymous people to manage their wealth.

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Evidence suggests that this company is associated with the infamous Lehman Brothers.

Either these guys rebranded or did a partnership strategy. We do not need more information on this because even the logo says so.

Shearson Lehman Brothers review

The question is why these people would want to associate with the Lehman Brothers, given the reputation they had in the past.

According to promotion materials on this website, the company is headquartered in the USA.

However, it turns out that they’re actually from Pakistan or an offshore location for that matter.

The former Lehman Brothers collapsed and it seems that this website is sort of trying to harvest the infamous name and use it to continue their business.

At this point, we don’t actually know whether to trust this entity or not.

The investor would need to do proper due diligence before sending any money to these guys.

Also, marketing materials on this website proclaim that their presence spans to a century.

This suggests that actually Shearson Lehman Brothers is what we have been suspecting all along.

Is this entity related to Shearson Financial Services LLC?

They are not related in any way. Shearson Financial Services LLC is actually a real company with Finra registration status.

On the other hand, Shearson Lehman Brothers is neither registered nor licensed by FINRA.

We have also conducted our investigations only to find that there is no relationship between the legitimate company and the one we’re reviewing here.

It seems this entity is riding on the two popular names with the intent of confusing prospective investors.

This should be treated as a red flag.

Where are the clients of this wealth manager?

They mention big names such as hedge funds, banks and so on to create the impression that the service is actually legitimate.

However, there is no mention of the exact companies they have done business with.

When we look at their “strategies” page, we find nothing more than copy-pasted information.

Apparently they’re recycling information from the internet and pasting it as is.

They’re also using fluff which is similar to those ugly HYIP websites to fill up their pages.

Terms and Conditions are a give away

These guys have stated that they’re not accepting US clients for whatever business.

It is weird that despite claiming to operate from the US, they’re not accepting any clients from this jurisdiction.

This agrees with our observation that they’re based in an offshore location and not in the US, otherwise the SEC would have taken action against them.

Who are the real Shearson Lehman Brothers?

We continue to unearth shocking information about this company and the findings are hilarious.

Someone called Mrs Asma Shahid is associated with this business.

They recently added “Mr Osman Qureishi” who is based in the US probably to confuse investors and make them believe this entity is from the United States.

A little digging reveals that Mrs Asma Shahid is an internet marketer.

What does an internet marketer have to do with trading or hedge fund business?


All of what we gathered above point to one thing: that Shearson Lehman Brothers is a scam.

It is hard to establish this fact due to the nature of their website and how they set it up.

However, a little due diligence will reveal these shocking details.

In short, there is no reason why an investor who has read this review should feel motivated to gamble their money with this website.

It’s a hoax guys.

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