Second Brain Trading Review: It is a Scam?

Welcome to the Second Brain Trading review. Second Brain Trading was initially “The Intentional Trader”.

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The vendor offers a bunch of ridiculously priced NinjaTrader indicators, an “award winning” trade room, trading education and add-on.

Everything on the Second Brain Trading website is unreasonably priced except a free e-book which non members receive in exchange for their name and email.

As soon as they sign up for the free email, the sales pitch begins.

Promotional emails will come to their inbox telling them why they absolutely need to pay for the Second Brain Trading indicators.

They also want students to take note that the path to consistent day trading starts on the SecondBrainTrading website.

The nature of this statement is promotional. The statement is subjective.

How do you justify this statement in relation to other trading schools run by actual traders who make a living from trading rather than selling trading indicators?

Any sane person will therefore ask…… “Is Second Brain Trading legit or a rip-off (scam)?”

That’s where we’re heading to with this review.

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Second Brain Trading review

The live trading room is manned by Tony Peterson.

They offer trading indicators in 3 bundles. Details are as follows:

(a) BrainBoost -$1,332 (for beginners and hobbyists)

(b) Einstein – $5,856 (for those who want the best)

(c) Academic – $2,239 (for those who take trading seriously)

The Einstein bundle is a pack of all indicators, all future indicators, all training materials, weekly mentoring and priority support.

With this bundle, Second Brain Trading is also providing unlimited access to their live trading room.

The other two bundles provided limited access to the trading room.

In particular, BrainBoost provides 2 weeks access while the Academic bundle provides 1 month access.

Second Brain Trading also runs an online store dedicated to selling every trading indicators on the planet.

If you want to know when price is “Whippy”, there’s an indicator for that.

You just pay $250 and you’re all set.

If you want to know when markets are being manipulated by the “big boys”, Second Brain Trading will give you an indicator for this too.

Just pay $525. What if you want to know if volume has increased or market is exhausted?

They have it too.

This is a pattern that is consistent across many trading product vendors.

Examples of this sales pitch can be found in websites like BreakFree Trading, Traderpulse, and King Quant LLC.

Second Brain Trading review: The trading room

Every trading educator must have a live trading room and a moderator.

Tony Peterson is moderating this trading room. Live trading room is open between 9:00am Eastern US and 12:00pm noon Eastern US.

They trade the following instruments on the 1 minute time frame.

ES, RTY, YM, NQ, CL, and GC.

Take note that students will be responsible for paying their own NinjaTrader subscription fees.

Tony is basically calling “live trades” as setups become available. Other than calling trades, he is also placing buy and sell orders as his students do.

But what does the disclaimer statement on the Second Brain Trading website say:

It says live trading room is for educational purposes. Here’s a quote which I pulled directly from the official website:

 All trades presented should be considered hypothetical and should not be expected to be replicated in a live trading account.

In other words, Tony is paper trading for the sake of demonstrating to his students.

The trades are not live. The only thing that is live is the live trading room.

Everything else is being done on a demo trading account.

Second Brain Trading Review: Proof of profitable trading

The trading educator appears in a short video clip promoting day trading.

In his promotion video, he mentions that day trading is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a fact.

However, he goes on to portray a lifestyle of financial freedom, which he attributes to day trading.

While we admire his honesty, we’re still not sure whether the owner of Second Brain Trading is a profitable trader who can design a truly profitable trading system.

According to the sales page, these trading indicators are designed to notify traders when all trading conditions are perfectly aligned.

They don’t produce buy or sell signals.

By the way, Second Brain Trading also claims to offer a 14 day money back guarantee provided you can prove that the products didn’t work as intended.

Here’s what the fine print says:

We develop an honest, real world trading system for real traders, not robots. If our indicators do not indicate conditions in the market as advertised, and we cannot, via remote connection, get them to perform on your computer as they are designed to work, we’ll give you your money back, 100% of it. 


It seems that Tony and the rest of the people at Second Brain Trading have no verifiable track record of profitable trading.

The coaching may be constructive and helpful. But that does not mean your trading will turn profitable if you spend several thousand dollars on a trading indicator.

With the extremely absurd price tag of their products, one may feel ripped off at some point if they don’t get the results they expected.

For us, we’ll only recommend Second Brain Trading indicators if we feel that the trading educators are successful day traders and not just marketers of trading indicators.

Thanks for reading our Second Brain Trading review.

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