Sebtan Assets Review: a Scam

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This review of Sebtan Capital or Sebtan Assets Management proves that the company is not authorized to provide any kind of financial services.

The website Sebtan Assets claims to conduct its business from Finland on this address: Paasivuorenkatu 4-6, 00530 Helsink Finland.

They claim to deal in Stocks, Commodities, Equities, Crypto and Forex.

Their marketing materials also proclaim that the team is currently managing $52 billion worth of Assets for their clients.

And the domain has a weird history. It first appeared on the internet in 2009.

Their business operation was not related to asset management.

It appears that the domain was later purchased by these guys in 2019 to run a new business from.

Sebtan assets review

Either way, we doubt the investing experience of Sebtan.

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Is Sebtan assets management legit?

No, this company is not legitimate.

We’ve looked at their physical address and found no signs of a company called Sebtan Assets running its operation from that place.

Furthermore, this website is not registered as a company or business yet.

It is only operated as a website and not registered entity. This makes it even more risky to trust them with any kind of funds.

A registered fund manager will provide the assurance that investors need in terms of safety of funds.

With Sebtan Assets, there’s no assurance or guarantee because they’re not licensed by any financial regulator.

Secondly, nobody knows their location. But one thing we’re sure of is that this website is operated by an anonymous group of people in an offshore location.

Can you recover money lost in the hands of Sebtan Assets?

It is possible to recover funds that were sent to a scammer even if they’re anonymous.

The money that left your pocket went to a destination. Whether the destination is a bank or a Bitcoin wallet, these experts who can do that job.


Avoid “investing” with offshore broker dealers because they are scams.

Nothing guarantees safety of your funds with a broker dealer like Sebtan Assets.

They’re website is just a booby trap and nothing else. That is why they’re anonymous and their marketing material is just verbiage.

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