Seam Group Forex Trading Course Review

Welcome to the Seam Group Forex trading course review.

This vendor’s website is offering a Forex trading course costing $239. The trading course is hosted at and the mentor claims to have traded professionally for the last 10 years.

They talk about “Seam Group” as a form of organization or company which they own.

However, we’ve noticed that another company by the name Seam Group does exit in the US except that it is not owned or affiliated with Stefan Theron, the supposed trading mentor.

Stefan claims that he is going to give you the “secrets” for analyzing the charts and making trades that have 90% success rate.

Seam Group forex trading course review

This promise is almost becoming a cliche in the Forex trading marketplace. For that reason, we’re looking for proof of trading prowess before we can even think of pushing the “buy now’ button.

Is Seam Group Forex trading course worth your time and money?

The vendor claims that it’s worth all your money and time. But what’s the truth here?


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Seam Group Forex trading course review

This is yet another Forex trading education website that claims to give out the secret to becoming a successful trader.

Stefan Theron is giving us the typical narrative of a supposedly successful trader who started by watching YouTube videos and failed several times before successfully discovering the “secret” trading magic.

The owner of Seam Group Forex trading course is basically claiming that they have the “holy grail” of trading success.

We’ve heard these stories several times across the internet.

Good examples of fake trading schools peddling financial snake oil of this nature include Base Camp Trading, OpulenceUK, TheoTrade and many more.

We’re no longer putting our faith in “trading mentors” who give us stories of how they went from rags to riches and how they’re living a million-dollar lifestyle.

Seam Group Forex Trading course will allegedly provide traders with strategies that have a 90% success rate.

Risk management is as simple as not risking more than 5% of your equity.

The trading course is for beginners, intermediates and ex traders who quit after trading for a while and losing money.

We do understand that this is a trading course, so no trading strategy can be discussed upfront and in details unless we actually purchase the course.

However, we do appreciate efforts to shade light on the methodology taught and how those trading methodology can help us attain the alleged 90% success rate.

Furthermore, we believe that 90% success rate is just too good to be true. 60% or 70% would be a reasonable figure.

This is why we need more information about their trading strategy.

Unfortunately, Seam Group Forex trading course does not appear to have a solid trading strategy other than touching on the general topics of trading the markets.

The course modules include teach how to use Fibonacci, MACD indicators, trend and trend lines, support and resistance among other general topics.

We believe that all of this stuff can be found on the internet for free and without necessarily paying someone $200 to learn how to trade.

The author of Seam Group Forex Trading course that he started out by following some YouTube videos which didn’t give him much success because the mentors were not professional traders in the first place.

In our opinion, we believe that the strategies taught at Seam Group Forex Trading course can be found online for free.

Just take one course module and search it on Google, then Boom! You will find a lot of materials teaching in that area.

Trading performance

We would love to trade alongside a trading mentor who uses his strategies to place trades in their own live account.

If the owner of Seam Group Forex Trading course is claiming to be a professional trader with more than 10 years of experience, earning by trading the markets, they should easily demonstrate this claim.

The only way to demonstrate this would be to provide us with a myfxbook account which recorded their trading statements in real time.

If this is going to be a tall order, they should probably consider issuing us with their investor password for the MT4 trading account which they’re using.

MT4 trading software has this feature that lets third parties login and view trading activities and results remotely on the internet.

If you know how to analyze trades, you can simply login and see what Stephan of Seam Group Forex Trading course is doing.

Unfortunately, our expectations are rarely met by these Forex vendors, which ultimately makes us believe that the people who sell these courses are not full time traders but internet marketers.

We cannot recommend a trading course that has not been tested and tried.

The strategies must be tried and demonstrated on a live account.


Seam Group Forex Trading course does not inspire any confidence since the sales page looks like any other website on the internet hustling traders for a couple of dollars in exchange for financial snake oil.

We would never buy or recommend Seam Group Forex Trading course.

The owner is not confident in their work which is why they don’t add any credibility into their marketing.

Thanks for reading this Seam Group Forex Trading course review.

We would like to hear what you have to say in the comment section. Did you spend the $239 on this trading course?

What were the results?