SCK Securities Review: Is Scam or Legit?

Welcome to the SCK Securities review. SCK Securities is a broker and a proprietary trading firm that allegedly provides managed trading accounts earning up to 15% monthly.

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They also claim to fund traders who pass their trader training program (they claim this service is free).

According to marketing materials on the website, SCK trading is owned and operated by SCK International Markets (HK).

This company allegedly has offices in New York, Hong Kong and Singapore respectively.

SCK Securities’ managed trading accounts come in various packages with minimum investment starting at £5000.

SCK Securities also claims to offer discretionary trading accounts for equities, commodities, ETF base and blue chip in addition to derivatives where trading instruments such as futures and options are offered.

They seem to offer all kinds of financial and investment services/products under one roof.

Their website also states the following:

We deliver an elevated investment experience where regulatory compliance fits into the investing picture

By saying so, they insinuate that all their services are well regulated.

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In fact, their marketing materials claim that SCK Securities was launched for the public in may 2018 and after this, they acquired a regulatory license to offer asset management and full advisory services.

However, according to, the domain was created in June 2019.

We are unable to trace their activities or verify their alleged trading experience as claimed on the official website.

In one way or the other, SCK Securities will consume your time or monetary investment.

Because of the risks involved, our SCK Securities review provides an in-depth analysis of the service to let you know whether it’s viable and worth trying.

SCK Securities review

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SCK Securities review

The official website of SCK Securities is neat, professional and quite detailed. It’s not one of those websites that you can quickly navigate and write a review about.

The first thing they want investors to know is that a team of traders working with this firm are implementing a wide range of investment strategies which agree with their clients’ risk/reward objectives.

They believe that when strategy, patience and discipline are combined with “proven investment methodologies”, superior results can be achieved for their clients.

The primary focus of SCK Securities is to manage their clients funds as this is where they focus the most.

They operate like world markets, Satelysfx, SNP Investments and many others.

The company lists the following benefits which clients of SCKsecurities will be enjoying:

  • Regulation: They claim to be licensed and regulated as portfolio management investment advisory firm.
  • Segregation: Funds are allegedly kept in segregated and licensed world-class financial institutions.
  • Compensation: SCK is allegedly a member of the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF).
  • Risk protection: SCK managed trading accounts come with 3% trailing stop loss order.

This is to mean that the maximum amount of money you can lose for a specific trade is 3% of your equity.

SCK securities also believes that they are the first to convert a trading platform into a truly real multi-asset suite.

We don’t know how true these claims are because at this point, we only need to look at their results and also question why they claim to have vast market experience when their website has been around for less than a year.

In addition to this, we need to question which financial regulator licensed them and which Investor Compensation fund they belong.

SCK Securities managed trading account plans

We can’t conclude this SCK Securities review without mentioning their managed trading account packages.

There are 5 different account types in total. Details of these account packs have been provided below:

Alpha MTA

Minimum deposit: £5,000

Your personal online account with your own dedicated trader
Live Trading Notifications & Daily Market Calls
Monthly Target: 2%
Trader Indemnity
Profit share: 80:20
Withdrawals: Every 120 days
Fixed return fee: NA
Beta MTA
Minimum deposit: £15,000
Your personal online account with your own dedicated trader
Live Trading Notifications & Daily Market Calls
Monthly Target: 2.8%
Risk Mitigation: 3% trailing Stop-Loss Order
Trader Indemnity
Profit share: 85:15
Withdrawals: Every 90 days
Fixed return fee: 1%
Gamma Managed Trading Account
Minimum deposit: £50,000.00
Your personal online account with your own dedicated trader
Live Trading Notifications & Daily Market Calls
Monthly Target: 3.4%
Risk Mitigation: 3% trailing Stop-Loss Order
Trader Indemnity
Profit share: 85:15
Withdrawal: every 60 days
Fixed return fee: 2%

Delta Managed Trading Account

Your personal online account with your own dedicated trader
Live Trading Notifications & Daily Market Calls
Monthly Target: 5% – 15%
Risk Mitigation: 3% trailing Stop-Loss Order
Trader Indemnity
Profit share: 90:10
Fixed return fee: 5%
Omega Managed Trading Account
Minimum deposit: £500,000.00+
Your personal online account with your own dedicated trader
Live Trading Notifications & Daily Market Calls
Monthly Target: Target Specific
Risk Mitigation: Target Specific trailing Stop-Loss Order
Trader Indemnity
Profit share: 0 days
Fixed return fee: target specific

SCK Securities review: trading performance

Their managed accounts require a very high minimum deposit and it’s only making sense that investors should go through the firm’s trading record to see whether their trading is profitable.

So far, SCK trading is providing screenshots of the fund performance and index history.

With a screenshot presentation like this one, it’s very hard for someone to verify the credibility of the figures.

In short, we cannot provide proof or assure you that this prop trading firm will provide the alleged monthly returns since their “trading history” does not allow us to verify the claims.

We would be hesitant to recommend such a company or use it ourselves, given that the minimum deposit is very high and we don’t know of any investor willing to gamble this much upfront.

In fact, we don’t like the way trading performance for their index fund is presented as it looks shady.

Is this broker regulated and licensed?

So far, we’ve tried looking at the advantages they offer but didn’t find any except in their trader training program.

We will get into this shortly. But first, we need to have a discussion of their licensing.

Is SCK Securities regulated in Hong Kong as claimed on the official website?

Do they actually have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK? It turns out that their claims cannot be verified. In other words, the prop trading firm is basically lying about their physical presence in these regions.

This begs the question of whether the financial regulator in Hong Kong even knows of their existence.

Marketing materials on their website claim that SCK Securities Limited is authorized by the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong.

We found out that SCK Securities Limited has nothing to do with the website we’re reviewing now.

What this shady website is doing is to clone identities of legitimate investing companies with the sole intention of robbing investors.

Our advice is that before you can trust what a broker or financial firm claims, you need to cross-check with the various registers and financial regulators.

This shouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes to check. And believe it, this will save you the heartache of dealing with a thief whose intention is to rob you of your deposit.

A market maker they are!

They are neither regulated in Hong Kong nor in any other country where they claim to operate from.

It’s just a matter of time before the financial regulators catch up with them.

After looking at their managed trading accounts and the service they provide, we have a reason to believe that they are a market maker!

This means your losses is their profit. So what incentive do they have if they keep making profits for you?

There is none.

In short, if a market maker like SCK Securities offers managed accounts, be prepared to lose all your funds.

Restricting your withdrawals

Brokers have no reason whatsoever to restrict your withdrawals unless they are a scam.

Most of SCK Securities managed trading accounts restrict withdrawals to a number of days even months.

This is totally unacceptable and the first sign that we are dealing with a shady investment operation.


SCK Securities is operating in a questionable manner.

The only good thing they claim to provide is a free trader training program after which they claim to fund traders who pass the test. In the last steps of the test, traders are required to sit in one of their “physical offers”.

We laughed when we read this statement but anyway, this is a way of trying to look credible.

Most “prop trading firms” like BluFX, Audacity Capital, FundisUS and many others charge fees for paper trading and eventually their traders lose everything.

We don’t want you to go down this road. But most importantly we hate it when innocent investors fall into the trap of scams like SCK Securities.

Thanks for reading our SCK Securities review. We look forward to your comments and opinions regarding this company.

4 Responses to “SCK Securities Review: Is Scam or Legit?”

  1. Alan Spence says:

    Really professional, very well organised and efficient. However, there are no office units at 1, Union Wynd Aberdeen for SCK Securities and their Accounts phone number is offshore. Most people would be taken in by this and their very friendly, helpful contact and support but, believe me, they are crooks! Once payout time comes or you no more money to invest you will never hear from them again.

  2. They are full of shit especially the broker Michael French hope he dies of corona virus

    Well here is another fuck the lot of them

    Well here is another they are crooks

    I think they believe they will get away with being conmen but eventually they will be caught

    1. Phil Affleck says:

      Indeed a bunch of twats, my case with them is being investigated by Singapore Police.

  3. Dr Robinson Pearson says:

    Agreed. Michael French and his smoothy buddy David Greene are evil, crooked scum. Perhaps one day they will get their just deserts. I hope they rot

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