Scam Alert: Review of W.G. Wealth Guardian Ltd (

W.G. Wealth Guardian Ltd is operating a non-reputable investment brokerage called The website is operating out of Cyprus and is targeting high networth individuals or institutions only. Their services include asset management, brokerage and investment advice. They might have integrated a brokerage platform into their website but this does not mean they will be honest with consumers like these Forex brokers.

This aside, Wealth Guardian is also claiming to be an establishement asset management company with 45 years of combined experience. We doubt this experience since the website first appeared online in October 2017. Whereas Wealth Guardian seems to be regulated by CySEC, we doubt their ability to conform to the rules especially after the license is long acquired . If they claim to be a botique investment platform, they should prove it.

Wealth Guardian (W.G. Wealth Guardian Ltd) Review

Truth is, Wealth Guardian is a company that uses CySec regulations to safely and legally operate in the financial services industry. This does not mean that their services are any good or that you will not encounter one hiccup after the other. If they had the best asset management or brokerage services, we would clearly see it in the reviews and feedback that appear on Forex brokers platform and forums.

But as you can see, it is not possible to verify their alleged professionalism and competence, thanks to lack of consumer feedback.

The people who are listed as management team include Michael P. Poyiadjis (Executive director), George Karvounis, Dr. (risk manager) and Rita Giannoulakis (chief financial officer).

No linkedin profile was included for us to study their professional background. What this means is that Wealth Guardin is basically giving us pictures of people with probably fake professional background.

As you can see, their website is very presentable. It gives the impression of luxury and sophistication. It’s the kind of presentation that can attract consumers who have no problem funding their accounts with at least $10,000.

Wealth Guardian claims they will provide a “gateway” to the financial markets. However, this is more of a sales language.

Is there any evidence that Wealth Guardian is legitimate?

We have not seen any consumer feedback anywhere on the internet. We can’t trust them blindly.

Because of this fear, we cannot say they are a good investment company as we risk ruining our reputation.

But since we feel that there are a few red flags here and there, you should exercise caution before investing with these guys.

If you have any feedback, we also encourage you to put it in the comment section as this will help the trading community make their decision.

The conclusion should provide us with reasons why they feel investors should trust them.

Currently, there is no feedback about this company anywhere on the internet yet they claim to have a lot of experience in the fintech industry.

How can Wealth Guardian be trusted in this industry when they claim to be a professional broker and asset management firm but zero reputation?

Let us know in the comment section.