Scam Alert: Review aka Genesis Ramp

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Do you want to expose a broker or comment about their scam activities? BrokerProfile is the uncensored forum where you can discuss freely about good and bad actors. aka Genesis Ramp operates as a Cryptocurrency exchange in Lithuania.

The official website first appeared online in March 2022 and according to this domain snooping tool, the registration of is supposed to expire in exactly one year.

For the purpose of this review, we will use and Genesis Ramp interchangeably since they refer to the same entity.

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We noted that this exchange lacks proper regulatory approval.

A Lithuania-based company called UAB Stormbenda is responsible for running the affairs of Genesis Ramp.

However, they seem to ignore the rules and regulations of the financial industry in Lithuania.

In the meantime, is dealing in Crypto exchange transactions where customers deposit fiat in exchange for Cryptocurrencies.

In addition to this, the platform is targeting Crypto users from all over the world. They’re targeting users who are based in countries that regulate financial instruments.

The risk of trading or trusting with your fiat is so high.

Upon transferring your funds to this broker, there’s no telling whether or not you will receive your Crypto as promised.

This is why we believe Genesis Ramp is a scam.

If you want to learn more about licensing in relation to Crypto transaction platforms in Lithuania, read this article.

How Genesis Ramp is convincing customers

The platform’s marketing materials claim that the broker has over 100k active users.

Even with aggressive kind of promotion, it is not possible to acquire this number of users within a span of 1 year.

This is definitely marketing gimmick. They do it to win your trust so that you can give them your funds.

In addition to this, is offering ‘secure crypto wallets’.

The question is how secure?

The company has not demonstrate the extent up to which their wallets are secure.

The company is further promising quick transactions in what they call “ramping”.

This is a way to attract consumers who would like to exchange their fiat to Crypto quickly.

As a result, a few folks may get convinced that this is exactly the platform they need for their Crypto transactions.

But as we’ve said earlier on, Genesis Ramp is still a risky platform to invest in.

Are there reviews of

Genesis Exchange has been covered by a few blog networks and the content there is basically opinions of the writers.

Similarly, this review is an observation based on our Crypto trading experience and opinion.

We invited you to take this chance and comment about what you think of this company.

Your feedback is valuable.

Wrapping it up

There are well-known Crypto exchanges out there — and we think you should utilize them.

Genesis Exchange is not a well-known platform for exchanging fiat into Crypto.

Apart from liquidity issues, there is no safety guarantees.

The site may portray some level of professionalism to win your trust but at the end of the day, this is your money and you want to protect it from scammers.

Thank you for reading this Genesisxchange review.

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