Scalping Emini Trend Hunter Review: a Scam?

Scalping Emini is a website that sells an indicator called Trend Hunter.

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Trend Hunter uses a “proprietary trading strategy” for the E-Mini S&P market.

The Trend Hunter from Scalping Emini is analyzing macro trends in the market to determine the next market movement.

It produces automated buy and sell signals which traders are supposed to copy-paste into their live trading account to “make money”.

Scalping Emini is hosted at

The website is owned and operated by George Mahshigian who has also owned other websites that sell trading systems.

Most of his websites are now defunct expect and another one called

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Is Scalping Emini (Trend Hunter) Legit?

The way we see it is that neither Scalping Emini nor George Mahshigian (the owner) is legitimate.

Scalping Emini George Mahshigian review

Mr. George claims he began trading “advanced option strategies” in the 70s.

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He even claims that he worked as a margin clerk before proceeding to work as a floor broker.

This guy even claims he sold his brokerage firm in 2011 so he could focus on creating proprietary technologies that allow “easier trading experience” for traders of all level.

All of this is great for a resume. However, George of is not being honest with how he promotes his products.

Customers who have purchased his trading strategies have lamented how they lost money due to these snake oil trading systems.

The bottom line is that many people have lost money because they purchased based on George’s slippery tongue.

When asking him if he trades his own system, he could not give a straight forward answer.

When pushed hard, he confesses that “many people trade his systems”.

Our question is whether Mr. George is trading with his Trend Hunter.

At the very least, we want to hear that he has a broker statement where we can see his personal trades.


You’re going to pay $295/monthly or $4,995 (lifetime) to get the Trend Hunter which is clearly a money loser.

George has managed to put up a wonderful sales presentation to convince the masses.

But the truth is that we will never find one successful trader who uses the Trend Hunter or any of Scalping Emini’s products.

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