Scalp Futures Review: Gary Norden’s Scam

Welcome to the Scalp Futures review. Scalp Future’s website can be found at

It is owned and operated by Gary Norden. In addition to this, Gary Norden also owns an Australian-based financial markets consultancy firm called Organic Financial Group. was created in February 2015 while Organic Financial Group was formed back in March 2010.

According to this YouTube video, Gary Norden is portrayed to be in association with another financial markets training provider,

Online Finance Academy is selling their trading education for $495.

It appears that Gary Norden of Scalp Futures is somehow affiliated with the above website.

Additionally, Gary Norden of Scalp Futures is associated with where he sells a futures trading course to retail traders at the price of $1,499.

Furthermore, Gary Norden of Scalp Futures also sells “Market Making Manual” for $999.

With the “Market Making Manual”, retail traders can allegedly learn how to scalp the futures market without having to rely on software.

There is a lot to talk about Gary Norden and his Scalp Futures website.

Traders want to know whether his website is legit or a pure scam, considering that his trading courses are very expensive.

How different is this trading school from competitors like Emporos Capital or Income class?

Scalp Futures review

What exactly does offer?

Scalp Futures is basically a sales page that offers mentoring and coaching on to scalp the futures market.

The sales page targets both retail and institutional traders alike.

In as much as pricing for the retail traders is upfront, institutional traders seeking the services of Gary Norden must contact him personally for more info.

In addition to this, Gary has published two books on trading. These include:

  • Technical Analysis and the Active Trader
  • An End to the Bull

Scalp Futures review: points to note

Gary Norden claims that his scalping technique is an edge against retail trader and not institutional traders.

In his website, he makes students understand that his technique does not stand a chance against institutional traders because these traders have bigger risk limits.

He also insists that traders should not use Forex or CFDs markets if they intend to trade against retail traders.

According to him, the Futures markets work best.

Who is Gary Norden?

It’s important that we discuss who this person really is because we’ve seen that he is all over the futures trading and mentoring ecosystem.

You can check out this Twitter page for an overview of what he is posting and the claims he is making.

On his Scalp Futures website, he claims to have 25 years of experience trading, having started trading futures at the age of 18.

He even claims that he was given the responsibility of trading a multi million dollar derivatives trading book by one of the Japanese largest financial institutions.

Naturally, we would expect someone like Gary Norden of Scalp Futures to have a big following.

After all, who does not want to follow one of the greatest futures traders in the world?

His impressive resume continues to reveal that the owner of Scalp Futures was or is:

  • Appointed head of Head of LIFFE Options for UK bank NatWest
  • A pit trader and market maker for many years at LIFFE trading floor
  • Traded convertible bonds for many years at ING Financial Markets
  • Writing and publishing for many financial websites around the globe

I’m confessing for a second time that I was honestly expecting a huge Twitter following.

But this is simply not the case. It appears that there’s a story behind all this.

Why there are no reviews of Scalp Futures and his trading course

A product that is so costly must be accompanied by reviews and constructive feedback from those who have dared to buy it.

One forum by the name has a thread on Gary Norden’s trading course.

One person on this forum claimed that Gary attempted to sell them his future trading course and mentorship for $3,000.

I don’t know about you but I generally believe that this kind of price tag for a futures trading course is very expensive.

There needs to be some sort of justification of this price tag.

The justification cannot be a couple of mere statements published on Gary’s Scalp Futures’ website and on YouTube regarding his alleged trading experience.

What we need is a redacted broker statement clearly showing Gray’s trades in then past 1 month for example.

Generally, there’s no feedback regarding his trading course. He claims that he only teaches a handful of individuals every year.

If this is the case, we’d like to hear their opinion. They can’t be mysterious if they really paid the hefty price of learning from “the world’s greatest futures trader”.


Organic Financial Group is licensed by the Australian Financial Services.

This is fine and dandy. Nevertheless, it seems quite awkward that a trading educator with the qualification of Gary is actually not receiving any feedback regarding the quality of his services.

Furthermore, if he is still trading futures in a live account, we’d like to know how is fairing on.

Is he making any profits or losses? This will determine whether or not his Scalp Futures course is worth it.

Thanks for reading our Scalp Futures review.