• Savius changed dramatically since your review.
    Now the owner is Gianluca Lambusta who also manage the Chinooky SAGL training for aspiring traders business based in Switzerland.

    About the so-called Limitless how can be for real a ‘Fixed salary of $ 2,000 per month’ in 6th phase ‘REAL’?

    If a trader earns $10,000 in a month, they would keep 20%, i.e $2,000 according to the 80/10 profi share split. The other $8,000 are given to the trader. But Savius then should pay him/her $2,000 as a salary, too. So 100% of the net profits would be paid to the prop trader.

    So, how can this business be sustainable if not by piggybacking the few winning traders with their own internal prop capital and larger leverage than the one allowed to the prop traders?…

    Hope this help some further investigation. Thank you.