RSI Capital Markets Review: Scam?

RSI Capital Markets provides leveraged financial products ranging from Forex to CFDs, Spread Betting and even market making.

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Meanwhile, RSI Capital Markets is operating from the domain which was registered in December 2017 by the brand, RSI CAPITAL LLC.

The broker claims they’ve spent “decades in business doing things the right way in the leveraged financial markets”.

Unfortunately, we can’t verify the existence of this broker prior to their registration date in December 2017.

In addition to this, they claim to be registered by the Montenegro Ministry of Finance under license number 50815144.

rsi capital markets review

We will definitely see whether we can verify some of these claims because as it currently stands, RSI Capital Markets is an offshore broker and their reputation is not that good.

Rest assured that all the Forex brokers we recommend here are regulated and backed with encouraging customer feedback.

RSI Capital Markets review (

The website of this broker is amazingly professional but the domain is out of place.

We also expected this broker to receive some good traffic now that they have an attractive website but this is not the case.

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The site appears to be getting less than 50 visitors per day.

In terms of what they offer, RSI Capital Markets is providing the usual MT4 trading platform.

They provide MetaTrader for PC, Web, Mac, Android and Mobile iOS.

This ensures that customers can trade the financial markets even on their mobile devices too.

However, by no means should we assume this is a special feature since modern Forex brokers support trading on mobile devices too.

Spreads and Swaps at

The broker has opted to upload a PDF form on their website with information about their trading conditions.

We always want to find out what typical spreads are for a pair like EURUSD.

This pair attracts a buy and sell swap of -11 and 3 respectively but we don’t see information about their spreads.

The form is also populated with random figures for each account type. However, they don’t tell us what those figures refer to.

Lack of clarity is the biggest problem of this broker at the time, save for regulatory hurdles.

RSI Capital Markets Minimum Deposit and leverage

They’re currently accepting a minimum deposit of $100 and leverage can be up to 1:100.

While this minimum deposit is reasonable for traders who are just starting out, the most aggressive trader will want leverage of up to 1:200.

We’re not sure whether will provide leverages above the maximum stated on their website.

Also do remember that excess leverage can be your greatest undoing. Always use leverage accordingly.

Is a regulated broker?

We know this might come as a shock but we have to mention that the Government of Montenegro does not regulate Forex brokers.

There is no way that this broker is being regulated by a department called Montenegro Ministry of Finance.

If you do business with an unregulated broker, you stand a fair chance of getting scammed.

Why? Because they are not obligated to honor agreements between the company and their clients.

Furthermore, they are not answerable to any authorities so they can do whatever they please with your money.

Also, financial regulators require that brokers must put their clients’ money in segregated accounts so they don’t mix with company’s operation capital.

Rest assured that RSI Capital Markets is not adhering to this requirement since they are not regulated.

What if this broker has already scammed you?

You should be careful because currently there are dozens of scam recovery services that claim to be professional and efficient.

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The others appear to be mere fraudsters who will want nothing to do with you once they take their down payment.


We are very much afraid of this broker due to the fact that they are not regulated and are situated in an offshore location.

Furthermore, their website is not very transparent with customers.

So as soon as you load the website, you will want to click away because they’re not providing the details you want.

Whatever the reason, we highly discourage trading with RSI Capital Markets.

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