Ronin Forex Group Review: Legit or Scam?

Ronin Forex Group is a Forex academy where students can get trading signals and setups in addition to coaching.

Ronin Forex Group is operating from the domain

This domain was registered in June 2019.

The owner introduces himself as Clay who claims to have started a Forex trade setup analysis and signals channel on the Telegram platform back in 2017.

The cost of attending Ronin Forex Academy is $299. This also includes access to a “VIP signals and community chatroom.

A beginner course plus VIP signals and community chatroom will cost $79 per month.

Non-US clients are required to open an account with Tio Markets where they will deposit at least $500 Euros.

Access to VIP signals and chat room will remain as long as the student is trading their money through TIO Markets broker.

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Is Ronin Forex Group Legit?

RoninForexGroup is selling the service based on “real students’ results”.

This is where the problem starts. We cannot verify the authenticity of the “testimonials” and screenshots that Mr Clay has posted on his website.

Ronin Forex Group review

Furthermore, nobody will ever post a negative testimonial on their website.

So “testimonials” and screenshots of trading performance are not a determinant of the authenticity of a trading school.

We wonder what’s so difficult about using a statement sharing service like myfxbook to document results.

The owner of Ronin Forex Group has not produce a verifiable track record of his personal trades.

Yet he claims he can teach you and make you a successful trader.

This is the hallmark of a scam trading school.


We don’t recommend the services of trading educators with no real track record of professional trading.

Ronin Forex Group falls within this category of trading schools.

How will Mr Clay convince his students that he has confidence on his trading if he cannot use his trade setups to take trades on a live account?

  • I was in his accelerator group which is his scam for his vip traders. all i ever did was lose money with his signals even with proper risk management. his trades were 40 pip stops with a 20 pip target, 40 pip target and a 100 pips target. That is an absolute horrible reward to risk ratio. His academy and all of his courses are a joke as well his “Institutional course” was made by someone who had been trading for less than 6 months. He is a scam artist that takes advantage of new traders its absolutely predatory. we have ever created a group of now successful traders that have all been scammed by Ronin/Clay

    • Steven is bang on here. I was not in his accelerator group but I was in his signal VIP group. I challenged Ronin on his predatory nature of focusing on PIPS and not Risk/Reward and/or % gains and explained that this is why the group is ALWAYS talking about losing money and I was permanently kicked from the group.

      I saw him respond to someone about losing trades. His response was that the first trade hit TP1 of 40 pips (a 1:1 Risk/Reward in this case so normally you might take a partial profit here and move SL to BE. ). and the re-entry trade hit a 30pip SL. So he says “we are +10 pips on this pair.” This is Pip scamming. He knows that everyone that took the trades lost money yet he claims +10 pips and will mark such on his weekly PnL reports…. and don’t get me started on that, his weekly summaries are extremely manipulated.

      Yes, YOU are responsible for your own trades and you accept responsibility for what happens. Doesn’t excuse his piss poor teachings.

      The horrible R/R steve mentioned sets new traders up for failure and ultimately Ronin is just selling and cashing in on the dreams (and tears) of many.

      I’ve jumped around several trading groups and I can say without a doubt, he is the worst.