Rogerfin Review: Forex Broker a Scam!

Rogerfin is a Forex and CFDs broker operating in Europe and claiming to be the best financial institution in that region.

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They claim that many traders have trusted Rogerfin because of their “best trading conditions, software and customer support.”

The broker has also created “a strategy center” for sharing information with traders of all skill levels.

In addition to this, we’ve also discovered that Rogerfin is running a trading platform called Activ8. This is different from the usual MT4 trading platform. MT4 is the most popular trading software at the moment.

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The broker is providing 4 different account types for trading. Details of trading accounts and conditions have been shared below.

[tabs][tab title=”Bronze”]

  • Type of spread: Static
  • Trading Platform: Activ8
  • Personal manager
  • LeverageĀ 200
  • News Feed
  • Financial calendar
  • Minimal lot sizeĀ 0.1

[/tab] [tab title=”Silver”]

  • Type of spread: Static
  • Trading Platform: Activ8
  • Personal manager
  • Welcome BonusĀ Up to 25%
  • LeverageĀ Up to 300
  • Access to MastersĀ Partial
  • Financial calendar
  • News Feed
  • Minimal lot sizeĀ 0.5

[/tab] [tab title=”Gold”]

  • Type of spread: Static
  • Trading Platform: Activ8
  • Personal manager
  • Welcome BonusĀ Up to 50%
  • LeverageĀ Up to 400
  • Access to MastersĀ Full
  • Analytical updates
  • Financial calendar
  • News Feed
  • Minimal lot sizeĀ 1

[/tab] [tab title=”Black (invitation only)”]

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  • Type of spread: Static
  • Trading Platform: Activ8
  • Personal manager
  • Welcome BonusĀ Variable
  • LeverageĀ Up to 500
  • Access to Masters
  • Analytical updates
  • Financial calendar
  • News Feed
  • Minimal lot sizeĀ 1.5


Having listed the above account types from Rogerfin broker, we need to discuss a few things because they’re a burning concern.

For example, this broker is 100% anonymous. There’s neither company nor information about the people who run Rogerfin.

ROGERFIN broker review

In addition to this, the broker does not hold a valid license. So if you think this broker is offering attractive services, you need to read this Rogerfin review and make up your mind.

Rogerfin review

While this website is full of red flags, and traders are risking their money by funding their trading accounts, we also think there are a few positives worth mentioning.

For example, we’ve already learned that Rogerfin offers Activ8 trading platform. Although this software isn’t very popular, we’ve heard that it is endowed with good charting and analytics tools.

In addition to this, Activ8 provides a feature called “strategies”. Under strategies, traders can choose a trading bot from a vast array of expert advisors and bots listed therein.

This is also accompanied with external market analysis which the trading platform is very good at delivering.

So far, this is the best thing that Rogerfin broker has ever offered.

No information regarding trading conditions

We expect every professional broker to post spread information on their website.

Some brokers have began posting live spreads on their website for their clients’ reference. However, Rogerfin is not doing the same.

They’re instead using vague declaration to talk about spreads. It’s not enough to claim that you’re providing static spreads since traders want to know the exact figures.

This is one of the red flags and serious issues to consider.

In addition to this, Rogerfin has refused to offer a free demo account for trading. This means that any trader who proceeds with this broker from now on will get nasty surprised.

This is the case with scam brokers such as Analysed Options. The evidence is always present on their website.

Rogerfin review: they’re not regulated

This broker’s website looks and sounds bogus for the reason that they’re not regulated.

The broker does not bother to provide details of their company or their headquarter. They only claim that they’re the best broker in Europe.

These marketing declarations are quite vague since traders will find that they still need more information to be persuaded by a broker such as Rogerfin.

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So far, we’ve established that whoever is operating this broker is not licensed by any government agency.

This simply means that the broker is not offering any assurance to their customers regarding the safety of funds.

In fact, this means that funding an account with Rogerfin is very risky. If a trader attempts to send any money to a broker like this one, they risk being ripped off.

When this happens, there will be no means of filing a legal claim against an anonymous broker. This is a typical characteristic of a thieving broker. So take note.

They were blacklisted by Europe regulatory authority, FCA

Did you know that this broker is not allowed to provide any financial service to anyone in Europe?

Yet this is what Rogerfin is doing. Fortunately, we found out that the FCA in the UK decided to blacklist this broker’s website where they claimed that Rogerfin was a potential scam.

It is good to take these warning seriously because by the time a financial regulator is making such announcements, they usually have all the evidence needed to incriminate the offending broker.


After analyzing their way of presentation, we believe that these red flags are too much to fathom. We need this broker to come clean on why they’re not regulated.

Rogerfin must also provide a free demo to test their alleged spreads. We don’t want them to just say that they offer static spreads.

On top of that, we know that they’ve been blacklisted by UK financial regulator the FCA. We have no idea how they’ll recover from this.

But the intent is clear. Rogerfin intends to scam traders. There’s no exception on this.

Thanks for reading this Rogerfin review. We hope to hear from you soon.

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