Rockzfx Academy Review: Scam Trading Course?

Rockzfx Academy is a trading school operated from the UK by someone who is only known as “RockzFX“.

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We’re not able to verify his track record of trading because RockzFX is not a real name.

Rockzfx Academy is currently offering a trading course on market structure.

The cost is 79 Euro/monthly or 597 Euros (lifetime membership).

Marketing materials on this website claim that students will become consistently profitable traders if they take this Forex course.

The service has listed a team of “mentors” on their website.

In their profiles, they list the number of experience they have and what they are good at.

The “most experienced” has 4.5+ years while the least experienced has 1 year of trading.

Rockzfx Academy

Rockzfx Academy did not provide their full names hence it’s difficult to do a background check on their supposed experience.

A 1 and a half hour session with Rockzfx Academy mentors costs $131.

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Rockzfx Academy is an interesting website because the anonymous owner claims to have turned over 6 figure in profits from his first year of trading.

There is no proof to verify that the owner of Rockzfx Academy made 6 figure income in their first year of trading professionally.

There is no proof that they even have a live trading account.

However, this website continues to be a popular destination for students who are looking for a good trading course.

Traffic is mainly coming from YouTube videos, Instagram, Twitter and referrals.

They even claim to have registered over 2500 members. Unfortunately, we have not heard from any of these members.

It is very unusual for a trading school to have big student numbers without these students actually writing about their experience in one of the popular Forex forums.

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Is Rockzfx Academy legit?

There is nothing legitimate about this Forex trading school.

They are only interested in making money through subscription fees.

They cannot show us their trading statements because they don’t actually trade.

They “teach trading” or talk about trading in their live lessons.

These “live lessons” are definitely full of vague trade ideas.

You can actually see on their YouTube channel that indeed they are posting vague trade commentary for public consumption.

What they will not show you is proof of how their “trading edge” has worked over time.


Rockzfx Academy is basically a scam that is operated by a salesman who probably attempted trading and failed.

There is money in selling trading products than trading the market itself.

Consider it money wasted if you actually pay for materials that are freely available online.

These materials cannot give you a trading edge, which is why they are free but charlatans charge for their consumption.

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