Review: Beware (Scam and red flags) is supposedly a short-term, high yield investment platform offering annual percentage yield of 465%.

However, they cannot be trusted unlike these highly recommended trading and investing websites. (we will reveal later in this review)

In addition to this, the company is enticing investors with a free $300 credit and claiming that profits can be withdrawn from this credit. claims that it is able to generate such returns because they’re ‘investing’ in Cryptocurrencies, ICOs, startups, loans and generally assets that fall within the future-oriented economy’.

According to the salespage, all investments have a minimum term of 12 days.

A typical 12-day investment period is supposeldy going to yield 4.87%.

The reason is enticing to some investors is because they promise super high returns within a short time.

It also appeals because the company claims they are investing in alternative assets which are better than traditional assets.

Is this truly a legitimate investment opportunity or a scam? Can you actually make the advertised returns or is this a hoax? review: Overview

The company is based in the State of Delaware, US. The website was launched in 2018 but active business started sometime in 2019.

The Founder and CEO of this company is someone called Michael Stark. Nothing is known about this guy with regards to his experience in the Fintech industry. The website does not even provide his Linkedin profile.

The interesting part is that this company has a professional presentation but still its website is filled with red flags here and there.

Most notable is the high returns within a short period of time. These figures are clearly exciting to first-time investors with little to no financial knowledge.

Soon there will be news that was a ponzi scheme. This is because we don’t agree with their promises as they sound too good to be true. and the red flags

When something sounds too good to be true, you should know that there is always fishy business behind it.

Let’s start with the regulatory requirements that this company has to fulfill if they want to operate in the US legally.

Ideally, needs to register its business with the SEC because what they are offering is considered securities.

They are soliciting money from the public and using it to ‘invest’ claiming that they will pay a ROI from these investments.

This, by definition, means that is offering securities. If they don’t have a SEC license (which indeed they don’t have), then it is illegal.

Secondly, the risk of losing your funds if you commit them to an unregulated investment entity is extremely high.

This is almost similar to how Hedonova is operating their business on the internet. It is always suspicious and full of red flags.

Another red flag is that is promising investing and compounding with up to 6% in ROI after 12 days. But how exactly is this converting to 465% APY? The math doesn’t add up.

Also, we know that even if we invest in future-oriented industries, we cannot keep generating such high returns on a consistent basis as no investment comes with zero risk.

In short, the ROIs are too good to be true. Ask yoursefl why.

The fake reviews and testimonials

We have checked out reviews about this company online and found out that everyone says it is ‘paying’.

This is a typical example of a HYIP because a High yield investment program will pay in the beginning and stop paying when the number of new deposits starts to dwindle.

As a matter of fact, this is the only review that shades light on the cons of this company because everyone out there says investors are making money.

I doubt these reviews since it is a well-known fact that corny investment platforms are paying for reviews and manipulating testimonials on shady platforms like trustpilot.

These reviews seem too good to be true as all of them are basically giving a positive statement about You should ask yourself why.

Why you should avoid

Why nobody is mentioning their regulatory status is one of the red flag considerations.

The company does not provide evidence that they’re investing in the said assets. Instead, they just market alternative investments as the most profitable way to invest compared to traditional assets.

And we are already done with the fact that reviews of this company are not authentic. It seems the owner is paying for these reviews, which makes the website seem as if they are legitimate.

Also, apart from this, we also question the authenticity of Michael Stark.

Actually this Youtube video suggests that Michael Stark is a paid actor, a fake person that represents the CEO of

The real founder of the company is keeping away from the public because the nature of their business is quite risky. They can easily get into lodgerheads with the regulatory agencies.

This also makes us doubt their supposed US address. We suspect that one of the operators of this project is based in the US while others are scattered in Europe, Asia and so on. is a ponzi scheme

Mark my words…. this website is a ponzi scheme and their business model is designed to lie to you by telling you by pretending that they invest in Crypto, ICOs, startups and loans.

How they invest in these areas is not clearly defined.

What the financially unsophisticated are mostly seeing is the promised returns and not questioning the activities of this company.

In the real sense, they are paying out based on new investors’ deposits.

Every ponzi scheme has a timeline. And every ponzi scheme comes to an end when new deposits stop coming.

They stop paying out investors because the math behind a ponzi scheme always guarantee failure after 2 years on average (depending on how successful the project was).

This was the case with which is now a defunct website after closing down and running away with investor’s Cryptocurrency deposits.

No one would suspect that this was a ponzi scheme back then. This is the same way a typical investor will not suspect that is a ponzi scheme until it happens.

The Conclusion

The writings are there on the wall. Do not invest any money on the because it is risky.

You could suffer a huge financial damage and recovering would take some time or become an impossible endeavor altogether.

Thanks for reading this review.