Review: Arbitrage Robot Scam!

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Today we’re reviewing, which is a suspicious platform that offers Arbitrage Robot plus earning opportunity using Crypto airdrops.

The vendor’s Arbitrage Robot promises 4% risk-free daily profit. They claim that it is user-friendly, completely automated and 100% secure.

To encourage sign-ups, claims you will save $200. The vendor is currently offering an interesting free 30-day trial which enables users to trade hundreds of tokens using 8 robot functions.

That said, we will let you know through this review whether or not you should be using this kind of platform for your Crypto trading. Review: Is Arbitrage Robot legit or scam?

The main selling point of this product is that it is using arbitrage trading strategy.

Arbitrage trading is simply a strategy that seeks to buy from one exchange and sell in another exchanges in a very short period of time… of course taking advantage of the small price differences between those exchanges.

The company ROBOT.TRADE LLC Limited uses this website to make it sound like something that will guarantee daily profit.

In fact, they are supporting this claim by giving us figures such as ‘769 % in 24 hours’ or ‘12966 % in the last 30 days’.

The vendor needs to verify this claim rather than just giving us data for the sake of marketing the product. (Arbitrage Robot) trading results

The 30 day trial period looks like a good offer but in the real sense, 30 days of trial is not enough.

Markets change weekly and even on a monthly basis. The results you get now will not necessarily reflect the results you will get next month for instance.

At the moment, the pricing for this Arbitrage Robot is $200 monthly or $2,000 one-time payment.

The monthly subscription package will set you back some $2,400 annually because you have to pay it once every year.

This is on the higher-end of the pricing spectrum as most arbitrage robots don’t cost this much.

The reason we’re unwilling to subscribe for this robot is that it does not have backtested results either.

We need at least 6 months to make any conclusions regarding its trading performance.

With 6 months of trading sample, we can prove the average monthly return, drawdown and many other useful metrics that qualify it for the price that it is being sold at.

Unfortunately, this vendor is shying away from this topic. As you can see, is only willing to provide a mediocre 30 days free trial.

Reviews of (Arbitrage Robot)

We like to look at reviews of any trading product before we recommend or dismiss the product.

In this case, we noticed a lot of positive ‘reviews’ on the infamous Trustpilot website.

Of course one must wonder how a trading robot with no backtested results can score so higly in ratings.

For that reason, we signed up and did familiarize ourselves with the platform but we noticed the vendor was exchanging these positive reviews for their aidrop earning opportunity.

They are currently offering $10 in RBTR tokens. The value of 1 RBTR token is currently at $0.2421 (according to coinmarketscap). The official website of RBTR token is which looks very similar to the website of

Either way, the vendor is paying users to write fake positive reviews on Trustpilot, and this is why there are so many 5 star reviews regarding this software.

None of these users have sufficiently tested the robot in question.

You can see it by yourself if you sign up on the platform. The reward is in RBTR. They claim to compensate users up to $90 in RBTR token if you complete certain steps involving writing fake Trustpilot reviews.

There are about 1600 user reviews and most of those comments are very short and very recent.

It means the users have zero experience with the product, let alone 6 months of using the robot to verify its true capabilities.

The Conclusion of this Review

Whereas the 30 day free trial looks like an honest move from this vendor, the tactics they employ to earn reviews is deceptive.

We would also like to see providing historic data or backtested for a period of 6 months so that we can verify the kind of figures they are throwing around on their platform.

Otherwise, we have no choice but to conclude that the vendor is only interested in marketing the product using false profit declarations.

In summary, we can’t recommend this arbitrage trading robot. Also, see what we have to say concerning Bitsgap robot which is also another arbitrage trading bot.

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