Robot Pips Review: ( Signal Service -

Robot Pips Review: ( Signal Service

Robot Pips is a brand new signals service from Portugal that intends to deliver between 7 to 12 signals daily.

Robot Pips is operated from the domain and they promise to deliver 3 take profit levels per signals.

The maximum take profit level that a signals can attain is 200 pips per trade.

The service is also claiming that in the last 7 days, they’ve attained 2980 pips and in the last one month, they gained 3,820 pips respectively.

Without verification of trading results from a third party platform like myfxbook, it becomes difficult to authenticate these results.

Nonetheless, Robot Pips wants their subscribers to know that their market analysts have 5 years of experience and will deliver 100% accurate automatic entry and exit signals.

On top of this, RobotPips offers 3 signal packs costing $36/month, $61/bi-annually and a free plan where traders deposit $250 with their affiliated broker.

When traders subscribe to the first two plans, they get 2 or 3 months of free signal service.

robot pips review

Robot Pips is one of the cheapest signal service around and we’re wondering whether their fees will cover all their operations and pay them sufficiently to keep delivering quality signals.

Is Robot Pips Legit?

Apart from proclaiming that they’re market leaders with 5 years of experience, the service does not offer tangible proof of their past performance.

Moreover, they claim to have 5 years of market experience yet their traders are unknown and the website is just 1 month old.

Keep in mind that we’re always looking for 6 months of myfxbook track record in order to endorse a signal service.

With a brand new service like Robot Pips, we cannot find those results to analyze and let you know whether or not the service is viable.

For that reason, we don’t think we can include this service into our list of recommended trading products and services.

Should you subscribe for Robot Pips signals service?

The problem with this service is that they promise a lot but offer little in the way of proof that their signals make money.

Also, with such a short time span in the market, we don’t think they have any client feedback at this time.

The service is also lacking in terms of trading strategy.

We expect signal providers to explain their strategy so we can determine whether or not we can subscribe.


Although Robot Pips is a new signal service that is trying to penetrate an already saturated market, they’ve provided signal packs that are cheaper than the competition.

However, this does not mean you should subscribe. This service is basically for traders who are not afraid to waste time testing the viability of their signals.

As for serious traders, we already have products and services that have been tested and are recommended.

The choice is yours to make. We do not think we can include Robot Pips at this time just yet, and we also expect them to build their track record before we can endorse them.


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