Review: Trading EAs and Indicators

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CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK is selling ready-made trading systems with self-adapting algorithms. is currently peddling 8 Forex indicators and 3 robots. You might want to check these recommendations first before you continue with this review.

Forex indicators include the following:

1.Real power indicator… for price action and trend movements with self-adapting algorithm

2.Diver Power indicator….Divergence and convergence indicator for reversals and rollbacks without repainting

3.Index gravity system… for analyzing the force of market gravity to determine direction of price.

4.Grabber… Forex channel indicator for showing price quotes and limits of the market. It can allegedly accelerate monthly returns to 200%.

5. Trade constructor… a tool for scalping in the price channel and determining profitability in advance.

6.Pump Indicator… a collection of trading strategies including trend and price channel detection and so on.

7. Automatron… automated trading tool for generating signals through convergence and divergence

8.Impulse… a trading system based on impulses and market trends. also says it’s for finding trend and scalping on 8 major Forex pairs.’s Forex EAs include Trade Machine EA which is an “automatic harvester on the Forex market”, taking an account from 3k to 7 million. review claims this EA is a professional scalper of price deviation with accuracy rate of 99%.

One trading account license costs €149 while a full license (for unlimited accounts) costs €199.

They also have the Rocket EA which is a professional scalper and a trend finder for scanning 12 currency pairs at once.

The cost of a license is €149 while a full license goes for €199 respectively.

Finally, also sells the Big Fish EA which brings “maximum profit” by scalping on market rollbacks.

The Big Fish EA features spread filter, trend filter, stop loss and slippage control.

The price of a Forex indicator is anywhere between €50 and €100 respectively.

We appreciate the fact that has provided in-depth explanation concerning the working of each one of their products.

However, the vendor has not bothered to provide verifiable trading performance except by relying on screenshots of supposed past performance.

Is legit?

While they are naturally aggressive marketers, they do not tell us about themselves or their trading background.

Furthermore, we cannot tell what reputation they have in the Forex market place.

Their website is very new to start with. They don’t have any customers just yet.

The biggest setback here is lack of verifiable trading performance.

They keep singing how their trading systems will generate profits but have no concrete proof of the same.


We’re not going to recommend the products of this vendor because it appears they’ve only mastered the art of selling instead of convincing us through myfxbook.

We’re just going to take you back to our usual trading products and services which we have always recommended to the community.

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