Robin Trading Hub Review

Robin Trading Hub is the creator of RobinVOL 3, which is an expert advisor costing $395 per license.

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While RobinVOL3 expert advisor can be optimized to operate in different markets and time frames, the developer advises that it should be setup for the EURUSD pair on the M15 time frame.

Robin Trading Hub has equipped Robin Vol 3 EA with features and benefits which include the following:

  • Adaptability to market volatility
  • Trade management based on market conditions
  • Execution at open of the candlestick bar
  • Losing periods with fast recovery
  • Lots of position sizing options
  • Risk reward ratio is 1:2
  • EA not a scalper

In addition to the Robin Vol 3 expert advisor, the developer is also offering Forex trading signals through a partnership with another vendor.

This vendor’s myfxbook page has since been deleted. We will therefore not consider this signals service in our review.

If you need a good signal service provider who will also train you as a bonus, consider looking for one in this list of recommended trading products and services.

Is Robin Trading Hub legit?

The vendor is treating their sales page as a portal for selling trading software and showcasing back-testing results.

Robin Trading Hub review

In as much as they claim that Robin Vol 3 is a profitable software, there’s no myfxbook account to prove the case.

Their sales page only focuses on less important things such as the number of lines of codes oin the software, size of space parameter analyzer and number of backtests.

Traders are less concerned about these things. We just want to see the performance of their Forex EA which is something we cannot get.

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We’re not confident about Robin Trading Hub trading products.

Besides, their EA costs much more than the average Forex EA in the marketplace.

Furthermore, there’s much that we don’t know about this vendor in terms of their trading experience.

We wouldn’t advice our readers to try their products just yet.

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