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Right FX Review: ( Scam or Legit Broker?

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Right FX is a Forex broker whose web address ( was registered in September 2014.

I don’t know why this broker has not reached the expected level of popularity despite their domain existing for at least 6 years.

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Right FX also claims that they want to provide traders with supreme trading platforms and to help traders’ financial dreams come true.

The broker is allegedly based in London, United Kingdom and are hell-bent on convincing traders that they will provide the right trading conditions for all strategies.

Their Classic, Pro and VIP accounts are advertising a minimum pip of 1.0 and up to 2.0 pips.

Leverage is from 1:100 and up to 1:1000. No commission is charged on trades.

Looking at their account types, we realize that RightFX is not implementing ECN conditions by default in all their account types.

You have to choose ECN account if you want these trading conditions. However, this will cost you a minimum deposit of $5,000, which is quite a huge amount.

Forex brokers that we’ve featured on our homepage will provide ECN trading conditions no matter which account you choose, and it shouldn’t cost you more than $50.

Also, if this broker turns out to be unreliable in our review, then making money with their platform will be an impossible task even if you use the best trading tools that the community is recommending.

Right FX is not regulated i.e. no license

Despite offering the popular MetaTrader software for trading and also accepting $10 as minimum deposit, this broker has no license from the financial regulator in the UK.

If you run a background check on the FCA search portal, you will not find the name of the company that runs

Not only is this illegal, but it also gives us enough hints concerning the nature of the people who run the website.

Furthermore, your money cannot be safe if you trade with an unregulated Forex broker no matter how much they persuade you to trust them.

They won’t use segregated accounts to safeguard your capital. Furthermore, they are unregulated, so they don’t feel any responsibility towards protecting your hard-earned money.

Also, if RightFX is claiming to be legit, one would ask them why they are not licensed since this is generally the way of scam brokers.

The people who run Right FX broker are anonymous

Their intention is to sell their service using an attractive looking website. This will definitely convince many newbies since the minimum deposit is just $10.

As it as been stated before, do not let looks deceive you as many of those good-looking websites claiming to provide some sort of financial solutions are a scam.


There’s no way we can recommend an unregulated and risky broker like The risk is just too high as someone might end up blaming us or even leaving an embarrassing feedback in the comment section.

If you would like to find a good broker, consider browsing our homepage ( as you will not be disappointed with our selection of the best of the best.

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