Review: and WinWayCharts Scams markets itself as the ‘the UK’s most popular investment training’ website. Win Investing in conjuction with are also selling trading tools for the Forex, Stocks and Commodities market. Additionally, the two websites are inviting traders to ‘free investment training seminars’ and also claiming that thousands of traders trust them.

But before you fall for this marketing, you need to know that we have not found evidence of the ‘thousands of graduates’ that Win Investing is talking about. As a matter of fact, Wininvesting and its sister website ( are just peddling normal trading products but using spicy marketing language to make consumers think they’re offering extra-ordinary trading tools.

This marketing can be misleading, which is why we recommend sticking to these trading tools and resources as the community have found them to be reliable and consistently profitable.

Wininvesting and WinWayCharts trading products

Wininvesting is just a mere front-end and platform for attracting leads who are then funneled down into the WinWayCharts marketplace of trading products.

WinWayCharts is selling a bunch of trading strategies and indicators for trading end-of-day US and UK markets.

Additionally, WinWayCharts is selling a ‘special kind of laptop’ that is configured with the TradingExpert Pro Annual package.

This list of trading products and services is what WinWayCharts calls TradingExpert Pro Annual.

Depending on what consumers want, WinWayCharts will sell the product on a subscription basis or a one-time fee.

According to the landing page, WinWayChart starts at $95 monthly and up to $125 monthly. This is nothing special as the trading product package contains what I’ve just mentioned in addition to a charting application, market data, phone and email support.

If consumers are interested in an annual plan, then they should expect to pay $1,195 up to $1,555 for these trading products and services.

WinWayCharts is the platform that lures consumers into this kind of spending on a trading product using clever marketing tactics such as ‘free offers’, trials etc.

Who owns Wininvesting and WinWayCharts?

These two websites are owned and operated by a man called Darren Winter. He appears to be from the UK as his websites makes reference to UK several times in the marketing content.

Mr. Darren is posing as a trading and investment expert. Marketing materials on the Wininvesting website claim that Darren teaches strategies that ‘work in practice and are used by top investment experts’.

Obviously we can’t verify these marketing declarations because even Darren himself does not have a track record for his so-called achievement.

A quick Google search for reviews of Win Investing depicts 5 star reviews from an infamous reputation management website called Trustpilot.

All of these 5 star reviews are interesting because not even a single consumer has a complaint against these ‘very profitable trading indicators and strategies’.

I find this a little bit too good to be true.

Also, my research shows that the owner of Win Investing is a professional marketer and salesman as he makes use of paid-for news and PR platforms to portray that Win Investing is a reliable source of trading education and indicators.

There seem to be too many promises and ‘praises from Darren’s customers’ that one might easily think Win Investing is the real deal.

The truth is that Darren of Win Investing is only good in marketing and also in teaching students how to ‘make wealth’ trading and investing.

He is good at selling which is why he is comfortably making millions from selling generic trading indicators which anyone can find on the common MT4 platform free of charge. This is what it is.

The conclusion

The two websites (Win Investing and WinWayCharts) are a marketing robot and a cash cow for the owner who has obviously failed to produce his verifiable performance record.

If he is so good at trading, this would have been the first thing he shows on his website. He would not spend too much time selling magic trading indicators and secret trading strategies.

Consumers who get persuaded by this marketing language are basically the financially unsophisticated.

I would neither recommend Win Investing nor WinWayCharts because these two sites are corny and are only suitable for selling snake oil to the unsuspecting consumer.