Review: Is Legit or Not? is a fraudulent Crypto exchange that is also peddling a number of useless tokens and coin investment opportunities which include staking, ICOs and so on. Investors who don’t know that Exmarkets is a scam will end up spending fiat currency in exchange for shady coin investment opportunities. They’re required to sign up with their email before they can access the features and benefits of the platform.

In the real sense, this website cannot be trusted. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, you can trade them using automated trading solutions listed on this page. If you want to spread out your risks for conservative investing, then this page will provide you with resources for trading Forex and CFDs provided you have the right broker that will not scam you.

How Exmarkets intends to scam you

They’re using a number of tactics to confuse investors who are not familiar with Cryptocurrencies in general.

So there’s the talk of staking projects, trading of Crypto pairs and buying of tokens that are projected to rise in value based on a certain business idea.

Emarkets is convincing investors to stake their coins so that they can earn “passive income” where payouts will be processed every Monday.

Investors interested in staking coins are presented with a list of worthless tokens which include Solanax, Adax, Doex and Quannabu. Exmarkets lies to investors that staking is like earning interest on a savings account and they suggest that it is more beneficial than an ordinarinary savings account.

There is an incentive for staking or holding coins because Exmarkets works like a ponzi scheme where if investors withdraw all their deposits at once, the platform will collapse.

The Exmarkets exchange contains multiple Cryptocurrency pairs for trading. Members can buy and sell coins accordingly. This exchange is part of the phony ecosystem, and is acting like an avenue for laundering funds.

Exmarkets is also scamming everyone including Cryptocurrency projects creators. If you have a token that you want listed, they will invite you through a special page. Of course they will collect your details and a fee will be levied if the coin is listed.

Many project creators have claimed that Exmarkets is taking time to list their coins, and some are even losing money in the process.

Lastly, the scam is claiming to be a Crypto crowdfunding platform. They fail to go into details because this is clearly intended to take your money in some way.

They are only best at listing worthless coins with no value. If you look at Coinmarketcap website for the statistics of these coins, you will find that the coins have no meaninful value or trading volume.

You don’t want to invest in these coins as they are a waste of money and a scam to make matters worse.

What to do if you have been scammed on Exmarkets platform

If you have lost $5,000 and above, I implore you to utilize the form that I have included on this review or submit your case on the live chat down below.

If your case is assessed and is valid for chargeback, you will surely get your money back. 99% of the cases are successful, so do it now to get your lost funds.

The Conclusion

There are many coins that are a scam. They work with shady platforms like Exmarkets to rob people of their funds.

You need to be careful not to be convinced by their colorful language.

These scams cannot be regulated yet because of the current loopholes in the Crypto regulations.

Advanteks OÜ is allegedly the company behind They claim it is registered by the government of Estonia. But this is not the same as licensed by the government of Estonia. So be careful and thank you for reading this review.