Review: The Lindsay Duff’s SCAM

Responsible Day Trading ( is a trading school operated by Lindsay Duff, Jason Giordanella and Claudia López. The name of the website suggests that people can day trade in a responsible manner if they can only get some guidance. Consequently, the experienced trading educator is responding to this need by bundling together a cocktail of trading strategies and indicators and meeting the demands of the market. They masquarade as people who are truly concerned with your financial status and would like to change it by introducing you to day trading. And there are many people who are actually paying to attain “Responsible Day Trading” skills and experience. But ask the experts and they will let you know that success in the options and futures market does not come through over-trading.

That said, the salespage of this particular trading school suggests that consumers will be self reliant and that Responsible Day Trading is a community of people who share everything including food and shelter. That sense of belonging has a psychological effect on the consumer, and it is therefore easy to persuade them to hand over their wallets to Lindsay Duff and team. Now, this is a smart scam.

Responsible Day Trading Review: Details of what they’re selling and pricing

Once the salespage has peddled hope, disillusionment and fantasy to the financially-desperate consumer, the team will close a good deal since the course is offered for $997. There is also the option to pay in installements of $274 until you complete the payment.

What you are buying is known as RDT course. RDT course contains the following lessons:

  1. Introduction to Ninja Trader platform and indicators
  2. Strategies for entering and exiting trades
  3. Practical assignment
  4. Step by step training videos

A separate trading product (cash cow) is also offered for $77-$97 monthly. The Vault Monthly Membership can be purchased when a consumer has finished taking the basic lessons — meaning one must purchase the RDT course first before they can commit to the other trading product. and the truth about the website

It has often been rumoured that 90% of day traders lose money. But up until now, nobody has produced data or hard facts to support this ascertion.

The good thing about the internet is that it is a great source of information, such that if you suspect something is a rumor, chances are that traces of truth will be floating out if it was actually truth. If you don’t find these traces of truths, then it is purely a rumor.

In the case of Day Trading, majority of people simply fail because they are overtrading the hell out of their account. The more you increase the frequency of trading, the higher the chances of losing everything. That is a fact of day trading, no matter how ResponsibleDayTrading wants to sugarcoat it.

If you want to look at the evidence, then I’ll take you to a study that focused on Brazillians and day trading. In a nutshell, the study suggested that chances of achieving success in day trading are almost zero. It is like playing Russian roulette — the odds of beating the casino are almost nil.

The study also found out that the results of day trading were not influenced by learning day trading over time.

It is generally assumed that if someone has day traded for at least 6 months, chances are that they have improved their strategies over time and gained from experience.

This bullshit is what wants you to believe. Lindsay Duff’s salespage is centered around the assumption that — the more you subscribe for trading education and experience, the more you will improve your results.

Thankfully, the study has massacred this misleading assumption. It has proved that there are more scammers out there selling day trading courses.

And in short, day trading is a gambler’s business. knows it very well. This is why they are peddling their trading courses instead of making money day trading by themselves.

The Conclusion

Now matter how they defend it, this is the pure truth about Responsible Day Trading. There is nothing responsible here. You cannot over-trade and be a responsible trader. Day Trading simply means increasing the frequency of your trades and using lower timeframes most of the time. This will certainly ruin your account and land you in the vicious cycle of continuously funding your account hoping to “get it right” this time round.

Responsible Day Trading is therefore a scam. Keep off the sales page.