Reinet Capitals Review: Another Crypto Investment Scam

In this review, we will prove to you that Reinet Capitals is just a clever Crypto investment scam that you should avoid at all cost.

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Is Reinet Capitals legit?

After carrying out investigations, we realize that this site is not offering a legit investment service. It is allegedly based in Luxembourg. 

It is also claiming to mine Bitcoin and Ethereum and generating a 50% ROI in 20 days. This platform is soliciting investors $50 or more while promising them quick profits.

Unfortunately, Reinet Capitals is not mining any Crypto. This is what our investigations have discovered. They are just recycling investors’ funds and aiming to pay out ‘profits’ from other investors deposits.

For that reason, the Luxembourg financial regulator has sounded an alarm, warning its citizens not to transact with this illegal company.

Not only is the company illegal, but the website is lying about their means for generating income. They are also not regulated yet this kind of service is usually regulated in Luxembourg.

Are your funds safe with Reinet Capitals?

The company is just trying to feign legitimacy by showing us incorporation records. What many potential victims don’t know is that creating a virtual company is very simple.

It takes a few minutes to setup this company. However, acquring license is another thing altogether.

We already know that this company does not have a license yet they continue to offer securities to members of the public.

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What happens to those who transfer their monies to this scam is that some will be paid while majority will lose their deposit.

This is why the website cannot be a steady source of income.

ReinetCapitals Review: The conclusion

Avoid these get rich quick Crypto mining schemes because mining of Bitcoin and Ethereum is not that profitable these days.

The cost of energy is higher than the profits so it is generally not an efficient way of making money.

But this scam is hoping that you are too stupid to understand this basic fact. Anyway, these folks are a scam. Avoid them as much as you can.

And please share this review with others so that they can avoid this trap. Remember that you can now recover your lost funds regardless of where the scammers are hiding in the world.

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