Realms FX Review: Is Legit or Scam?

Before I show you how to recover your lost funds from Realmsfx broker, I will quickly take you through several clues that we considered when writing this review. Good brokers can be found here and if you want to excel trading on the Mt4 or Mt5 platforms, consider these resources.

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RealmsTech Private Limited is the company behind this Forex broker. They are operating it out of Sychelles. The website of Realms FX discloses that their liquidity provider is Alpha Trade PTY LTD. But this is another suspicious financial services company operating out of Australia. Also, we’re wondering how a good Forex broker can rely on only one liquidity provider.

As we continue asking those questions, we also see that Realmsfx is a self-proclaimed ‘global investment platform’. They even claim that they are an international top broker. Who gave them this status? We have no idea.

Realms FX review: Inside the trading platform

It’s just the usual MT4 trading platform offering us a wide range of tradeable instruments which include Forex pairs, commodities, indices, precious metals and Crypto.

The minimum deposit that Realms FX wants you to fund your account with is $1,000, which is quite unusual considering that the broker is not popular and secondly they have not built any credibility, despite the service appearing online in July 2020.

It bothers us to see a scam broker demanding $1,000 from unsuspecting victims. It also appears as though Realms FX is not offering any demo trading accounts. This is a basic feature that is provided by all FX brokers running the MetaQuotes trading software.

Realms FX lacks transparency and is not licensed either

So we want to know what the spreads are and whether the platform charges commission.

This information is not available on their website. In other words, they deny their customers their right to information.

On top of that, we found out that the broker is not authorized by any financial watchdog to provide financial services to the public.

Keep in mind that they’re an offshore company that is located in the republic of Sychelles, just like their fellow crook Forex broker, Bitromax. Probably they are neighbors who greet each other as they head to the office every morning.

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It is also very difficult for such brokers to have a reliable physical address. We cannot assume they have a real physical presence in the provided address because these scammers mostly do it virtually.

What to do if you have lost money through Realms FX

It’s simple, and your money may not be gone in the first place. It’s only gone if you don’t ask for a chargeback.

For that reason, I’ve included a form and a live chat. If you lost a significant amount of money, just fill in your details and your case will be reviewed. If it qualifies for a chargeback, someone will contact you with more information.

The conclusion

Realms FX is a cheap scam. They are not popular. They have ‘served’ very few clients who were quickly turned into larmenting victims.

Whatever the case, don’t open an account and don’t wire them the 1k.

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