Rapido.run Review: Smarth Eth Contract Scam

Rapido.run is an anonymously run website.

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Its business operations are allegedly centered around investing in smart Ethereum contract.

The website was registered in June 2020, which means that it is very new.

Rapido.run is definitely a weird domain that we have never seen or heard of.

Rapido.run is quite popular in India according to website snooping platform, alexa.com.

To join this platform, investors are required to pay 0.01 ETH. For those who wish to fully participate in all “income generating opportunities” provided by this website, an investment of 366.54 ETH will be required.

Is Rapido.run legit?

No, this website is not legit and in fact it is a scam.

They are pretending to use the concept of crowd funding to generate returns for members.

rapido.run review

But the truth is that it is a ponzi scheme and a pyramid scam.

The reason this website is going to make you lose money is because they’re not participating in any income-generating opportunity.

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Instead, they want investors to deposit on the promise that they will withdraw more than the sum “invested”.

The question is where exactly are these deposits going to?

And of course this website is using the usual decentralized Ethereum contracts marketing nonsense.

You must understand that this website was created by an anonymous person who will be in charge of all the money received.

When he has had enough of the lion’s share, he will definitely close down the website.


Just don’t go there at all. This is a scam. If you’d like to invest in Bitcoin or Ethereum, there are services that are designed to give you reasonable returns and will not disappear with your money.

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