Radiant Group Review: Scam Broker (thegradiantgroup.com)

Radiant Group refused to disclose ownership information on their website. What we know is that Thegradiantgroup.com was created in November 2022 by an anonymous individual who is said to be residing in Reykjavik.

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In addition to this, the Radiant Group fails to provide a physical address where the broker is based at, thus we can’t tell which regulatory authority is in charge of the jurisdiction where the brokerage is operating its business from.

This situation creates a lot of distrust because the broker is essentially saying that they’re risky and unreliable. And in case you lost money in this shady trading platform, you should read this to learn how victims of scam Forex and Crypto brokers are recovering their lost funds.

Radiant Group broker review and overview

The broker offers CFDs for trading which typically covers Forex, Stocks, Crypto, Metals, Indices and Commodities.

CFDs are illegal in the United States and in other countries, scammers in the trading industry have managed to fly under the radar by coining them as ‘trading instruments’.

The brokerage is owned and operated by an individual instead of a company.

Nothing is known about the employees of thegradiantgroup.com and this could suggest that possibly the broker is a one-man show.

Additionally, we’re unable to verify the claims that this broker won multiple awards between 2017 and 2022.

Remember that thegradiantgroup.com was registered in November 2022. The website was not in existence before then. So how did they win awards without a functional brokerage platform with customers in place?

And what makes this broker different from scams like WiseCryptoCapital or even the infamous ponzi scheme called GSPartners?

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How Radiant Group scams its victims

The victim of this trading scam always loses money because brokers like Radiant Group are a market-maker.

A market-maker is a broker that takes the other side of your trades. Remember that the broker is supposed to be an arbitrator and not a participant of your trading activities.

As a result of this trading setup, conflict of interest arise because when you make money, the broker is forced to pay out the profits from their pocket and when you lose money, your loss is the broker’s profit.

This automatically gives you an unfair advantage because the broker has all the tools and configurations from their end to make you lose your money.

This is where CFDs brokers like thegradiantgroup.com will always receive complaints from customers who say their spreads are big and that the broker is hunting stop losses.

Nothing is far from the truth this is just one of the tricks they use to ensure that you can lose most of your trades and ultimately your deposit.

Thegradiantgroup.com is an unregulated broker

There’s no exception when it comes to the requirement that Forex and Crypto brokers are supposed to acquire a license or seek authorizatiom from the local regulator before they can launch their business.

Even though Radiant Group has refused to disclose its address or country, the ultimate conclusion is that the country where they are based in has a financial regulator that considers an outfit like TheGradiantGroup illegal.

Consumers who ignore this warning are at a risk of losing their funds.

The broker’s website claims that they are a “gateway to your financial freedom”.

Actually, our observation is that this broker is a gateway to your bankruptcy.

Wrapping it up

We confortably give this broker a poor rating because they operate like a typical scam.

Any attempt to sign up and deposit money into the Radiant Group website will definitely result in a loss.

We would like to read and listen to your comments regarding the same.

We hope this review has helped you avoid a deadly financial trap.

One Response to Radiant Group Review: Scam Broker (thegradiantgroup.com)

  1. Maria Antonieta Lopes says:

    I answered an ad about getting a course on trading. They called me and when I asked for proof of the company existence they gave me a site where the company existed and registered in UK. They asked for me to deposit 250 Euros in a Knowlwdge360 course and I did. Only after the charge I saw that the company was in Kenya and not the Knowlwdge360.com. The Knowlwdge360.io has online courses and has a refund policy that says I can get a refund up to 90 days as long as I dont access more than 50% of their content (I accessed just one). I Got a a receipt from Knowlwdge360.io and welcome email from Thegradientgroup saying that I invested in 250 Euros..About an hour later I asked for my money back and I contacted Thegradientgroup (whatsapp) and I also contacted Knowlwdge360.io via their contact us page. Also sent an email a few days later.
    Thegradientgroup said that Peter would get in contact with me which did and he said that my money now was in a trading platform. After a week or so the platform showed that I had 3.500 US$ They contacted me so I could withdraw it, but I would have to pay apox 800 US$ first. I did not do so as I was not going to be stupid twice. I contacted my credit card and Knowledge360 and got my 250 back.

    The 250 did not go into the trading platform but to the Knowlwdge360 courses and they did supply online the material. Now I am not sure if this company is part of the scam or an innocent company involved,.

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