Quantum Trading Review: Are quantumtrading.com Indicators Scam?

Quantum Trading is a developer of Forex and Stocks indicators for trading on the MT4, MT5 and NinjaTrader platforms.

In addition to this, Quantum Trading is creating tools meant for the popular TradingView charting platform.

Included with their product offer is trading education through their quantumtradingeducation.com website.

Trading indicators include the following:

  • Currency Array for MT4 and MT5…$197 or $66 for 3 months
  • Currency Array for NinjaTrader….$197 or $66 for 3 months
  • Currency Dashboard for MT4 and MT5…. $497 or $166 for 3 months
  • Currency Dashboard for NinjaTrader…. $497 or $166 for 3 months
  • Currency heatmap for MT4 and MT5…$97
  • Currency Heatmap for NinjaTrader …. $97
  • Currency Matrix Indicator for MT4 and MT5 $197 or $66 for 3 months
  • And so much more

We can’t list all of the indicators here as there are dozens of indicators for sale on this website.

On the other hand, their Forex trading education for MT4 and MT5 trading platforms cost $1391.

Traders who would like to master trading with their tools on the NinjaTrader platform will fork out $1694

Ultimately, those who want to master the TradingView platform are required to pay $1174.

Basically, Quantum Trading is the Walmart of trading indicators.

They have something for everyone which makes us wonder whether these indicators are truly efficient as purported.

Note: You can find very good trading products and services here.

Is Quantum Trading legit?

We start with the owners of these 3 websites: quantumtrading.com, quantumtradingeducation.com and mt4.quantumtrading.com.

Quantum Trading Review

They’ve introduced themselves as Anna and David Coulling.

They claim to have traded and invested in the financial markets for the last 20 years.

They also purport that their trading approach is founded on the volume price relationship to determine direction of the market.

What we cannot find is a track record of their personal trades.

When you come across an online shop selling dozens of trading indicators or solutions, chances are high that the owner is not a professional trader but an internet marketer.

There is no record of Anna and David Coulling‘s personal trades.

Yet they sell indicators which they believe will help traders make money in the financial markets.

A money back guarantee is also available with every purchase.

Maybe this is their best promise to make you trust them. We still believe it would be best to demonstrate this track record because buyers would simply know what to expect from these indicators.

If not, we would like a trial of these products. Otherwise, it remains to be seen whether these indicators are better than what is currently available in the marketplace.


We wouldn’t want to purchase a trading education program that costs hundreds of dollars but no verifiable trading performance to back the quality of the training experience.

We definitely don’t expect you to spend money on any of Quantum Trading’s products or services at this time.

The developers will need to prove that they know what they are doing and have been successful before they can be trusted.

  • I signed up for this site but decided not to start trading. I guess it was a mistake joining this site.

    I never got any “welcome mail”; I never had to validate my email address.

    I got at least 16 phone calls within 5 days after signing up. I kept saying I made a mistake and was not going to use them to trade.

    I begged for them to close my account and stop calling me, but they just keep calling and calling.
    When I told them I was about to file a complaint with the police they became rude. One of them actually said “Do you think I am scared?” before hanging up the phone.

    Calling numbers originated from my own country (Belgium) and the UK. All the people who called me had an Indian/Pakistani accent.

    DO NOT JOIN THEM. This company has “no no no” written all over it. You’ve been warned.