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Quantum Hedge Fund Review: Is Legit?

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Welcome to our Quantum Hedge Fund review. Quantum Hedge Fund aka QHF is hosted at

According to our website investigating tools, QHF’s domain was created in March 2014.

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However, business activities on the Quantum Hedge Fund website began later in 2019.

See WayBack machine for details.

This means that QHF is still a new Crypto trading operation with no reputation just yet.

Quantum Hedge Fund is basically an asset management company specializing in automated Crypto trading and claiming to generate ROI for investors.

Their CEO is called Jan Janssen whose profile can be viewed here (sorry the page is primarily in German language… use Google translator to read if there’s need to).

According to the company’s marketing materials, Quantum Hedge Fund is intending to increase the absolute value of their investors Crypto portfolio.

They’re supposedly going to achieve this by utilizing the skills of their team of “acknowledged specialists”.

Quantum Hedge Fund review

Nothing is known about Jan Janssen, and QHF is the only thing that seems to relate him with investing.

Nevertheless, if sounds like an interesting website and you would like to “invest”, the best thing you can do for yourself is to read our Quantum Hedge Fund review before anything else.

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Quantum Hedge Fund review (QHF)

The company operates the following social media channels:



Quantum Hedge Fund is basically using their Facebook page to promote supposed investment returns on Crypto.

They frequently publish their trading report from time to time and the crowd is basically clapping at their supposed trading performance.

A big part of this audience seem to be clueless about Crypto investing. All they want is to “invest”.

They also seem to be extremely cautious on this Facebook page as many reviews and comments there are either too good to be true or neutral.

Now, with regards to their Twitter account, we can say this page is hardly updated with fresh details.

So we will leave this at that point.

Quantum Hedge Fund review (QHF) Trading bot

They’ve introduced trading bots called QHF robots.

Information about QHF robots can be accessed on the user dashboard or by directly visiting the website of Quantum Hedge Fund.

The QHF robots are fully automated, has risk optimization system and offers “high and stable returns”.

In addition to this, Quantum Hedge Fund robots use smart orders to buy, sell or set stop loss levels.

According to the company’s marketing materials, QHF robots have the most stable algorithmic systems from Flat QA and Trend QA groups.

We’re not sure what the above statement means. We need more clarifications to better understand what is being communicated here.

They also want traders to know that their robots are optimized for the liquidity nature of Cryptocurrencies like BTC / USD, ETH / USD, ETH / BTC.

QHF robots are available for purchase in two licenses.

Flat System (QA) $390

Trend System (QA) $624

On the other hand, Quantum Hedge Fund also offers a free QHF robot if you can invest $1,000 for 6 to 18 months.

At this point, one has to decide whether they should buy a license or risk their $1,000 on the hedge fund.

We definitely believe that the QHF robots are one of the most expensive Crypto robots around.

Whether or not the cost of a license can be justified is unclear at this point.

Quantum Hedge Fund review: Trading strategies of QHF robots

They’ve provided a brief overview of the trading strategies for each one of the robots they offer.

We certainly appreciate this explanation because it helps us to know the trading methodology before we can make any purchase decisions.

The first robot (Flat System (QA) changes the value of RSI Oscillator and cross the selected range boundaries.

They’ve also provided a brief overview of how positions are opened and closed.

Flat System (QA) robot trades on 1H, 2H and 4H time frame respectively.

With regards to the second Crypto trading robot (TrendSystemQA), they tell us that this robot uses moving average indicators such as MA4, MA9, MA20 combined with the RSI Oscillator.

Quantum Hedge Fund also provides a short description of their trading methodology.

The difference between the first robot and the second one is that the second one trades on the daily time frame.

The huge disparity in pricing is due to the fact that QHF asset management has introduced additional indicators in the TrendSystemQA robot.

Background of the company and trading activities

Company’s marketing materials proclaim that their team of traders and developers have 10 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative analysis.

We definitely doubt this experience because their website began trading activities just the other day.

On top of that, their Boss, Jan Janssen does not appear to have any trading experience prior to founding the Quantum Hedge Fund.

They also proclaim to provide proprietary technology and software solutions.

Lastly, they claim that their operations are 100% transparent.

While the last two statements highlight the services which they truly offer on their website, we don’t believe the experience part.

Quantum Hedge Fund Regulatory status

They also claim to be based in Hong Kong. If this is the case, QHF Asset management should be licensed by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission because they’re offering ROIs to investors.

Unfortunately, their marketing materials don’t provide details of their regulatory status.

This basically means that the firm is illegally investing for their clients.

There’s no guarantee that the company will segregate funds or that investors will be compensated in case the company goes under.

QHF Asset Management Trading performance

As at the time of writing this review, the website was advertising 5.58% weekly margin trading report.

They’ve also provided some random numbers to represent statistics of their QHF Trading robots.

It’s not possible to verify these figures just yet. If they were audited by a third party auditing firm, this would have made our work easier.


Quantum Hedge Fund appears to be legit but there are some things they need to sort out before they can win our trust.

They need to verify their trading results using a reputable third party auditing firm.

In addition to this, the company needs to figure out how they can produce a convincing about us page.

They seemed to have purchased a domain that was registered in 2014 to create the impression that the company has been around for quite some time.

Also, their robots are quite costly compared to Crypto trading robots like Bitsgap and so on.

Not that Bitsgap arbitrage bot is bad. In fact, we’ve been using this bot for quite some time and the cost is just a fraction of what Quantum Hedge Fund charges for a license.

So they’re going to have a tough time selling any licenses. In addition to this, investors will demand verifiable trading performance report even before they can decide to utilize the company’s free robot offer.

Thanks for reading our Quantum Hedge Fund review. We’re not recommending QHF Asset Management just yet.

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