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QQQ Trading Review (Nasdaq Signal Service)

QQQ Trading LLC is providing copy-paste investment recommendation for the Nasdaq-100 index.

The business is also running a parallel website called GoldSilverSystem.com.

Gold Silver System is a website that peddles financial snake oil.

The service is also proclaiming to use a mechanical-based approach where traders don’t need to interpret anything on the charts.

The above is according to the promotion materials found at qqqtrading.com.

The investment strategy is allegedly utilizing high return/low risk model.

You want to check reliable trading products and services with a proven track record such as these ones.

Moving forward, marketing materials say the company’s “proprietary algorithms” tracks statistical information to predict the future price of QQQ.

qqq trading signals

According to the company’s posted ‘track record”, the aggressive model of this strategy produced +43.6% in 2020.

These results seem plausible.

By the way, QQQ Trading signals can be traded using aggressive, moderate or conservative models.

The company is proclaiming that if an investor put $100,000 into their system in 2005, they would have earned $2,591,817 in 2019.

Furthermore, QQQ Trading marketing materials insist that their trading system has consistently “out-performed” traditional buy-and-hold strategy.

The service is operated by “Robert W Dillon, Ph.D” who is the chief technical analyst of QQQTrading.com, LLC.

The career profile of “Robert W Dillon, Ph.D” is virtually non existent.

Not even LinkedIn can produce the smallest hint of a dude holding Ph.D status and selling Nasdaq 100 signals at QQQ Trading Signals.

The owner of this signal service is also promoting a book on technical analysis by John J. Murphy.

This book is available on Amazon for the price of $61.

What exactly does QQQ Trading offer?

The service is offering 3 signal packages.

Signal plansPriceDetails
Gold Plan$295.50/annuallyAccess to members only page, all trading models and alerts through email and text.
Diamond Plan$1250/lifetimeAccess to members only page.
QQQT-mechanical timing service.
Alerts via email and sms
Green Plan$1500/annuallyFor fund managers
Includes what is available on Diamond plan

Is QQQ Trading Legit or a scam?

One thing to take note of is how this signal service is promoting itself.

They are using what we have always called “unverifiable trading performance”.

qqq trading signal performance

This means data that cannot be independently verified to establish the truth or authenticate whether indeed this service is profitable.

In the course of writing reviews like these, we always send an email to the owner of the website to see whether we can get a redacted broker statement confirming the numbers stated in the promotion materials.

We assure you that QQQ Trading signals does not have any.

It is therefore quite difficult to believe their track record.

Maybe the financially desperate will believe this snake oil.

Robert W. Dillon, Ph.D even proclaims to have 30 years of experience trading the stock market and specializing in technical analysis.

There are no details of this person outside the qqqtrading.com website.


It is always a good thing to exercise some level of transparency.

A service like QQQ trading is heavily promoting their signals but not doing a lot in terms of trying to prove to the customers that the signals work.

We definitely can’t recommend this service.

This is just another signal alert peddler trying to make a few bucks from the financially naïve.


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