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Pulse FX Signals Review: Legit or Scam FX Signals?

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Today’s review is about Pulse FX Signals, which is a trading name of a UK-based trading company.

In the Pulse FX Signals website, they claim to have 8 years of experience offering training and membership services.

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According to the website’s promotion materials, Pulse FX Signals believes in both theoretical and practical application of trading strategies to make students independent traders.

There are 3 subscription plans whereby pricing is €49 per month, €120 (quarterly payment) or €324 yearly.

PulseFXSignals is intending to provide between 3 to 10 signal alerts every day with success rate of up to 92%.

The vendor is dispatching trading signals through their Telegram channel.

They’ve also integrated PulseFX Signals BOT into their Telegram channel which will send a “join now” link for newly subscribed users.

PulseFXSignals also sends signals during London trading session and also during the New York session.

Before you subscribe, it’s imperative that you read our Pulse FX Signals review to find out whether this vendor’s signals are viable.

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Pulse FX Signals review

Those of you who have been reading our reviews here know that we’ve always recommended trading products in that page and those products have never disappointed.

Pulse FX Signals review

According to, was created in March 2020.

This discovery makes us doubt their alleged 8 years of experience because any clever person will definitely ask the hard questions:

“Where else have you worked or traded?”

“Can we see your track record for the last 8 years of trading?”

We hope that Pulse FX Signals will answer the above questions before we complete this review.

By the way, PulseFXSignals has posted results dating back to a couple of months ago.

This is very confusing, considering that their website is only a few weeks old. We hope they’ll provide answers later on.

While Pulse FX Signals proclaims to provide training and support, they do a poor job in presenting this information to their users.

In addition to this, none of their trade analysts have been introduced on the sales page. This kills their credibility.

Looking at the website, we find that it’s very brief in terms of their statements and explanations.

They only provide information about how the service works, their “portfolio results”, recommended brokers and subscription plans.

Pulse FX Signals even claims that they generate 5,000 pips on a monthly basis. This is definitely hard to believe unless we see verified trading results.

Can PulseFXSignals provide proof of the same? You need to keep reading our review to find out!

Pulse FX Signals Review: Their strategy

This signal vendor did not disclose their trading approach on the sales page.

Instead of focusing on this information, the sales page provides general information about Forex trading and how traders can receive signals through their official Telegram channel.

Now, for Pulse FX Signals to compete with services we’ve reviewed before such as Trader Pulse, ToolsTrades, Copy Trade Income and the rest, they’ll need to do more than just keeping it brief.

At this point, nothing is known about their trading strategy. If indeed they have years of experience in the currency marketplace, they should prove it.

They should not shy away or beat around the bush using general Forex trading statements like “what is a pip”? and so on.

PulseFXSignals Review: summary of the signal service

Of course they’re selling Forex signals and we’re interested in knowing whether they trade their own signals in a live brokerage account.

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The 3 subscription plans have the same features. Only that the length of subscription varies, which is why you pay more if you want to remain subscribed for 3 months or for 1 year.

There is also a free 7 day trial and considering their alleged accuracy rate, this service should cost more.

If you must use Pulse FX Signals services, you should first take advantage of the trial period.

Don’t be in a harry to pay when you don’t know the quality of the signals just yet.

Do they have verified trading results?

PulseFXSignals proclaims to generate $200,000 for their clients each month.

This is an awkward statement to make if you have been around for a few weeks only.

One would ask where they got these figures from and how they came to register so many customers in a short duration of time.

Pulse FX Signals goes on to show us two graphics for the number of pips gained and earnings in percentage.

We don’t know why they are using graphs instead of a service like myfxbook.

This information can be easily manipulated. The results they claim to have generated are unverified.

We would like whoever is behind Pulse FX Signals to use verified trading results rather than graphs with information that is highly suspicious.


Truth is, PulseFXSignals is a brand new signal provider. With zero reputation or track record of trading, we don’t expect them to convince traders just yet.

For them to compete fairly with rival signal providers, they’ll need to post their results on a myfxbook account.

The Forex market is full of scam signal providers. So how will we trust their alleged results when we have not seen independently verified figures?

We won’t recommend Pulse FX Signals just yet but if you have time, maybe you can use their 7 day trial period to see whether you’ll achieve the alleged win rate.

Thanks for reading our PulseFXSignals review.

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  1. I subscribed to the PulseFX monthly plan after a week of trial. I have been with them for 2 months and the results are good. The number of signals is less than announced, about 8-12 week but quite accurate. They don’t do scalping. I recommend it.

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