Prosper Trading Academy Review

Prosper Trading Academy charges $20,000 per year for trading education and investment recommendations.

The company is operating from Chicago (111 W Jackson Blvd STE 1122) as Prosper Trading Academy LLC.

Their investment recommendations come in the form of trading signals where students can simply copy and paste to make profits.

The individuals behind this company are public figures. They are Charles Moon and Scott Bauer of Volatility Means Money.

They’re actively advertising their get-rich-quick opportunity at CME Group website.

CME Group website receives 20 million pageviews every month.

Therefore, you can imagine the number of people who consider “learning how to get rich” through Prosper Trading Academy.

Is Prosper Trading Academy legit?

No, it is not a legit website for learning how to trade or get rich.

prosper trading academy review
The Prosper Trading website

The physical address currently used by this trading school was used by a now defunct get-rich investment company called “Trading Advantage“.

In 2017, complaints reached the National Futures Association (NFA).

Victims pinpointed a future brokerage named Kingsview Futures working in conjunction with Trading Advantage to rip them off.

Investors were consuming bogus investment advice which was making them lose money.

Is there a chance that the people who run Trading Advantage are the same people who operate


I do not see why Trading Advantage would share the same address and produce similar product to Prosper Trading Academy if they’re not the same entity.

Should you pay to join Prosper Trading Academy?

No you should never pay or even consider joining this trading school.

Their investment advice is fake and illegal.

In addition to this, they have a bad reputation of losing trades despite operators being very popular in the investment advice scenes.

Individuals who run this get-rich-quick investment website now admit that all their trades are hypothetical.

They do not have a track record of success.


It’s going to be super-expensive paying for investment recommendations that ultimately lose money.

After all has been said and done, my final advice is this: DO NOT INVEST WITH THE WEBSITE.

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