Review: Is it a Scam?(Profits on Wall Street)

This review of Profits on Wall Street ( will help you make up your mind as to whether you should spend thousands of dollars on the trading product.

But before we go far, I want you to see what David of Best Stock Strategy is doing as I feel that this guy is currently the best in mentoring students who want to learn the game of trading stocks and options and actually become profitable.

That said, Profits on Wall Street is a website by Chris Hanson that sells a stock trading course, weekly webinar, group coaching as well as recommendation on which books to read. Chris admits that he is promoting these books for affiliate commission.

Profits on Wall Street has not received any rating from consumers just yet. Nevertheless, the owner claims that his students are coming to him by word of mouth. I highly doubt this claim since there are no reviews from these supposed students who are allegedly happy with the program.

Is legit?

The Profits on Wall Street stock trading course is broken down into a homestudy, webinar or in-person training, group coaching and fast track program.

Now, the cost is something that should bother you considering that Chris Hanson who lives in LA does not have a verifiable track record of his successful trading.

So, what exactly is the cost of the course involved?

  1. Homestudy — $720
  2. Live webinar or in-person tuition — $2060 or $1340 if a student has not bought the homestudy course.
  3. Group coaching — $500 and $1,000 respectively
  4. Fast Track 22′ program — cost of this yearlong program is undisclosed

Who is Chris Hanson?

The website gives us a brief background of Mr. Hanson where it claims that the guy started out as a salesman and then after getting tired of his job, he started trading.

It gives us a typical salesman story where he claims that he invested in course materials and lost money before he eventually found a strategy that works.

This guy also discloses that he lives in LA and students who can arrange their transport can attend live classes.

Nothing much is known about his trading experience. It seems that Mr. Hanson is only interested in selling his mentorship program and making money out of it.

This is what bogus stock trading schools out there are doing as is quite evident in my past reviews for Always Liquid Trades and Joy of the Trade. review: Any performance record

The owner of Profits On Wall Street is keen on promoting his stock options course using the power of fear and uncertainty.

The website’s marketing material start by reminding the worried consumers that soon they will lose their job and they will not have a means of survival.

Mr. Hanson goes ahead to offer them a supposed solution to this problem. The answer is — spend $2,000 + on his course and live webinars.

The guy does not have a verifiable track record of his trades. I wish he could produce this or at least talk about his performance and whether he earns a living from trading stocks and options or selling trading books and trading courses.

The Conclusion

Profits On Wall Street at is a sales-oriented website. The owner manages to strike a clever balance between professionalism and a good sales pitch.

In the end, those old, financially hunrgy folks will find themselves handing over their wallet to the trading educator without asking many questions.

Unfortunately, this is just another cash cow for the owner who spends very little time on the course but more time marketing it. Most of it is recorded. The live webinars are meant to show you that Hanson is actually busy with his students.

Truth is that after spending over $2,000 on the trading course, students will not make any money. That is why there are no reviews or feedback from those who have attended this course. Avoid!