Review: Profit Farmers (a Flashy Scam) is a flashy website offering supposedly profitable Crypto copy trading for $599 quarterly. Profit Farmers mainly appeals to the financially unsophisticated who are hungry for fast Crypto money. In fact, the trading system has a win rate of almost 80%. Once users click a button, all the signals are mirrored into their Binance account and fast profits are produced. This is what the flashy salespage suggests. So victims are actually ignoring trading products that won’t scam them in favor of snake oil.

The Profit Farmers platform is integrated with Price Action and Relative Strength Index scanners. These two indicators are supposed to be so accurate that they produce amazing trading performance all the time. They scan over 300 coin pairs in 8 different timeframes before signals are sent to Binance and investment profit is magically produced. This is pure world-class marketing and salesmanship. With such an over-rated Crypto signals product, you can be sure that things are not what they look like. It’s therefore not possible to include this trading product in our list of recommended trading systems. Why? I’ll let you know shortly.

Profit Farmers ( Review: The enticing language

The sales page is quite enticing, both visually and in terms of the language that the vendor is using.

In fact, they claim that you only need to create a non-US Binance account at no cost. For every $150 trade that is placed, a profit will be made. After all, they are touting an 80% win rate and also claiming that 200 signals will be delivered every month.

In as much as this thing sounds crazy, this is exactly what the salespage is proclaiming. It is giving false hope to all the financially naive individuals out there.

The company is making investors believe that trading and profiting from Crypto is easy โ€” you just need to copy signals from a trading indicator. fast profits and why nobody is questioning the phony results

Some “customers” are turning $400 into $8,000 overnight. Others are making $14,000 out of $2,800.

These results are outrageous. I ask myself who would be too stupid to believe these numbers?

Apparently many people believe the figures and they don’t doubt the sales page even one iota.

This category of people believe anything on the internet โ€” even well-known scams like Cripto Robot, Anon System Trading and

In fact, Profit Farmers even has a “trading results” page. This page is a graphic representation of trading results which cannot be verified. The company’s results page is also showing many profits and only one or two losses. This is all part of the grand scheme to deceive Crypto traders.

The company further advertises this deceptive Crypto trading scheme using “case studies” where they device stories and accompany those tales with stock photos of people who have never used the service.

This is still not enough โ€” so Profit Farmers has also teamed up with dozens of bloggers and YouTubers to help advertise this snake oil. This is the very reason why the website is very popular, and it’s next to impossible to find a negative review on the internet about this company.

Who is the owner of Profit Farmers?

The company is owned and operated by Matthew Tansley. According to his Linkedin profile, Mr. Matthew has a background in Fintech. Mr. Matthew also used to peddle Mortgage deals before starting the Crypto copy trading service.

Does this guy have experience in profitable trading? No one knows. It’s certainly a question he will not answer.

How do I know that this website is a scam?

No one should lie to you that profitable trading only takes two trading indicators on a charting platform and you’re good to go.

The Profit Farmers platform is only offering a software that connects to Binance via API functionality, nothing much. This cannot cost $599 quarterly, unless you accept to be scammed.

There are many copy trading systems on the market that cost way less.

This particular company does not provide any trading strategy other than offering two generic trading indicators which they create all the fuse about.

If you ask any professional trader, they will tell you that successful trading takes more than just two indicators. An indicator is not a substitute of strategy. Truth is that Profit Farmers has no strategy, only indicators and a fancy dashboard for copying signals.

The Conclusion

If you don’t believe this review, then you’re at liberty to try out the service (which I am highly against because you stand to lose most if not all your coins).

Majority of people are falling for this fraudulent website because of the phony trading results and the colorful marketing language.

These two things seem to overshadow the voice of reason such that no one is asking themselves how those profits are possible without a strategy or some AI trading software that is coded with sound strategy.

That said, I would like to see your comments down here. Thanks for reading this review.