Review: Profit Over Everything Scam

Alex Santi runs aka Profit Over Everything trading school where he sells a trading course and a set of tools to assist traders “become successful”. Profit Academy FX website wants to teach you risk management, trading psychology and chart reading. Live sessions are also available. The trading school charges a one-time fee of $749.99, and you get a long list of education materials. But we doubt if this will give you value for money. If you want good education, look here.

On the flip side, is not the kind of website that one can trust. Alex Santi is presenting the service like a teenage boy would do it. The website is very noisy as visitors who open it are soon treated to irritating music. A sales video is also included to supposedly show Alex Santi arriving in an expensive sports car. The trading school is all about glamor and pomp. Alex wanted to achieve the impression of luxury by creating a website of this kind. He even lies that he retired at 22. When we start to dig for evidence, we get none to support his claims.

Welcome to the Review

Profit Over Everything is definitely an interesting website as it does not appear to be a serious trading school that can actually be trusted.

Profitacademyfx sells a secret strategy for trading US30 and SPX500. Mr Alex also sells advanced trading strategies for all pairs in addition to promising access to a Telegram trading group with live support. If you want to ask any question, simply engage Alex in his Telegram channel.

In my opinion, the one-time fee for joining this trading school is suspicious. If the training is so good, the price would be considered very small.

If the training is good enough, Mr. Alex would have considered a subscription payment model because it is almost impossible to find someone giving away good trading education and on-going support for a 1 time fee.

Who is Alex Santi of

Due to how he markets the service, Alex Santi comes across as an intelligent salesman and not a trader at all.

Profit Academy FX is only a cashcow for the owner. It does not provide substantial evidence of profible trading.

In fact, Profit Academy FX makes no effort to convince us why the service is good and why we should buy the course.

Instead, what we get is glamor and pomp. The A-class salesman is using his marketing skills to deceive the financially unsophisticated.

The truth is that Alex is making money from selling of his trading course, not from trading activities.

As a matter of fact, this guy does not trade at all. If he did, he would have provided us with an account statement to verify what trades he executed, what profits he made and so on.

His supposed live trading sessions are actually done on a simulator. This is yet another evidence that the salesman is not a professional trader.

The only way to sell the service is to play music and pretend to be rich, hoping to convince the financially unsophisticated to sign up.

The conclusion

This was just a short review of Profit Academy FX (Profit Over Everything trading school). It’s a warning to stay away from salesmen on the internet who use good marketing tactics to convince the gullible.

There’s nothing like lifetime membership on a one-time fee. If was that good, Profitacademyfx would charge you on a monthly basis. The owner would never create the impression that he is rich when he is actually a poor guy trying to supplement his income by selling an over-hyped trading course.

Thanks for reading. Profitacademyfx is just as bad as Imperial FX, Trading Mastery and Pro Trading University.

Please leave your feedback if you have an experience with this scam site.