Review: Honestly a Fraudulent Marketplace

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Today’s review is about Timothy Sykes’ It is where suckers meet with “trading gurus” who have “verified trading performance.

In fact, is a vendor’s marketplace, where nearly every losing trader is selling newsletters and other trading ware.

It’s a comedy shit-show where trading gurus are parading their supposed verified results and the carnival backers are purchasing these products without questioning their authenticity.

It always seem like these traders are making millions of dollars in an extremely short period of time.

Timothy Sykes is a seasoned internet marketer. He has managed to create a vendor’s marketplace where those who want to sell their products can find customers and Tim would take a commission from their sales.

Even if there are good traders on the platform, it is hard to verify this because half truths are mixed with outright fraudulent marketing materials.

All of this is done in a clever way. The average financially desperate person would never tell that they are actually being used.

Pro Tip: I personally recommend trading with these guys because at least the cost is fair and I personally know that they are real traders. review: A sneak peek into the platform sells every kind of trading product that you can imagine of. There are trading courses, DVDs, newsletters annual trading conference that are exhorbitantly priced.

These trading products are produced and sol by different vendors.

Titles of these courses are ridicilously creative. For example, I saw one trading course called “How to make Millions”.

Surprisingly, has also created a best-selling category specifically meant for accommodating trading products that have fancy titles.

Everything comes at a steep fee on this platform. For example, it is not unusual to find a product going for $2,000 or more.

It appears that Tim Sykes’ primary means of income is from these subscription sales.

The other guy that apears to have a significant stake on this platform is called Paul Scorladi aka Superman.

The platform is parading his trading profits to the tune of +$9,662,540. I have heard that it is super easy to game the system in order to display these kind of returns.

The purpose of displaying these superflous and magical returns is to ease the selling process. When a naive user logs into the system and sees this money, they can easily believe that Tim Sykes and his partner, Paul Scorladi are real veteran traders.

People are buying or subscribing to the expensive newsletters and not asking themselves questions. I see a bunch of desperate people who have refused to believe that is using them financially.

The marketing strategy of

At first, I told you that Timothy Sykes is a brilliant marketer. You have to expect that a proper affiliate system will also be in place to keep increasingly popular.

It is almost impossible to find a negative review of on the internet.

Everyone is telling us how good this platform is but the truth is that they earn a commission everytime people like you and me use their affiliate links to purchase a product.

Of course these massive profits are ending up into the pockets of Mr. Timothy Sykes. As a result, the platform is becoming very popular and the naive population is believing that they can be wealthy by subscribing to the super expensive trading products.

The Conclusion

While comes across as a professional social trading platform, it also raises a lot of red flags because the products that are being sold here are promising millions in a short time.

The clever ones are fooling the naive ones to buy trading products which the sellers themselves are not using.

Most of the trading gurus here are fake, and it is also impossible to tell who is real since everyone is a marketer on this platform.

Thanks for reading.

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