Review: Is Profit Forex Signals Legit?

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Profit Forex Signals is an interesting signals vendor because their website is actually a copycat of This is intentional as the vendor appears to be tricking traders into thinking they’re on the website of when they’re actually dealing with a different entity altogether. If you want the right website, visit this page of the most recommended Forex signals provider to use for your trading.

That said, believes that they’re the best signals provider on the internet since 2010. The service was launched in 2013, not earlier. also claims that they have over 10,000 pips verified results and that their signals have a win rate of 90%. Profit Forex Signals is also “willing” to show us their myfxbook results for verification of their performance.

For that reason, we will review Profit Forex Signals in details, letting you know the good and the bad and why you should think twice before investing in this service.

Profit Forex Signals ( review

The signals service entices traders with a promise of 300% return on investment. They equate 300% monthly ROI to 10,000 pips (whichever comes first). We don’t know what criteria the vendor is using to make these statements considering that they don’t even know what account size we’re trading.

Their landing page claims that Profit Forex Signals has so far registered 35,000+ customers. In my opinion, you should take this statement with a pinch of salt because the truth will actually shock you.

This number is so big. If Profit Forex Signals really had this number of customers, they would have easily made multi-millions from their subscription fees.

The cheapest signals pack is $99 per month. Assuming that all clients are on the basic package, the company would easily make 3,000,000USD. With this figure in their bank account, I’m 100% sure that would immediately cease to sell “Forex signals”.

The vendor is putting emphasis on “transparency and verified results”. They’re also providing us with “myfxbook” results but the problem is that the profile is not in the name of Profit Forex signals. The vendor could easily be showing us somebody else profile.

We need to explain why their supposed myfxbook account is not in their name and also why this profile is tracking results from January 2022 considering that the vendor has been around for quite a while.

Signal plans at

This is one of the most expensive signal vendors I’ve seen in recent times. Apart from the basic plan which is $99 per month, the vendor also has other packages which can cost up to $999 per month. is selling automated signals in their expensive plans. In addition to this, they’re telling us that the packages can generate a ROI of 30% to 300% monthly.

They promise 36 months of not losing a trade, which we find quite ridiculous.

Maximum drawdown is 20% but in the real sense, this is something the vendor cannot prove, seeing that their trading strategy is actually high risk in nature, thanks to the supposed trading performance that is displayed on the sales page.

Basically, the packages sound like HYIP packs. They promise super huge profits in a short period of time. And we consider this a huge red flag. It simply means the vendor is exaggerating everything.

Profit Forex Signals trading performance

This is the big issue here. The myfxbook account that is showing us does not seem to belong to them.

Still, the performance results is from January 2022 (as we’ve mentioned) yet the vendor claims they’ve been around since 2010.

When I checked the history of the vendor’s business, I saw that the company had another myfxbook account. Unfortunately, the account that is connected to this profile is a demo. This makes it hard to trust because even this demo account is no longer active.

Trusting is quite difficult because even with the performance they show us, drawdown is very big. A drawdown of 48% means that one or two trades go wrong will ruin your account completely.

Probably they’re using a high-risk trading strategy, hence the huge drawdown. Whatever the case, we feel that the vendor is not going to meet the standards that they promise on their website.

In short, Profit Forex Signals is not able to prove that their service is worth paying for.

The Conclusion is not worth your investment considering that the vendor is unable to prove their profitability.

They make a lot of promises on their website which they obviously can’t fulfill.

The vendor thinks that using this kind of sales material will bring in more subscribers but the truth is that it denies them the trust that they’re desperately looking for.

In my opinion, Profit Forex Signals is a service that cannot be trusted. Not only is it too expensive but the profit claims also sound unrealistic. Avoid such vendors at all cost.

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