Platform Bundle

These blockchain technologies aim to improve many of the inefficient systems, processes and governance structures that exist today. Largest 5 platform-focused cryptocurrencies Equally-weighted Rebalanced monthly

$4000/ Unlimited days

Managed Accounts

This package is designed for institutional investors. Our strategies can be customized and deployed within a range of products for advisors and institutional clients.

$50000/ Unlimited days

Payment Portfolios

These blockchain technologies are making payments faster, cheaper and borderless. We invest in the Largest 5 payment-focused cryptocurrencies Equally-weighted Rebalanced monthly

$3000/ Unlimited days

Top 10 Cryptos

Passively invest in a diversified Bundle of the most prominent cryptocurrencies.

$2000/ Unlimited days


We've worked to identify companies that are creators and adopters of the transformational innovations that are leading the Next Wave of Innovation. Topedgefx has built indexes to invest in these companies that reach across a range of sectors, market caps and geographies.

$5000/ Unlimited days

Thematic Portfolios

We analyze data to uncover important trends driving the economy. Then we create dynamic portfolios of companies with exposure to these trends so that you can easily invest in them.

$1000/ Unlimited days