Price Action and Income Review: Is Richard K Legit?

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Welcome to the review. We are looking at Richard K and his Price Action and Income website. He offers a free price action trading guide, daily trade forecasts and also claims to offer premium Forex trading education.

Richard K of Price Action and Income claims that his strategy delivers, no gimmicks, just results. He wants traders to know that Price Action and Income website offers the Propulsion Method, the Exponential Profit System and EPS Trade forecasts. is quite popular on the internet as many searchers are using words like review, Price Action and Income Richard K and so on. This means that the site has a lot of daily visits and definitely a significant portion of this audience is making purchases.

market geometry richard k

Before you buy trading education products offered by Richard K, you need to know whether the products are worth the price tag for which they are selling at and whether you’ll find value for money.

At the end of the day, you want to spend money when you’re quite sure that there will be returns at the end of the day.

Note: Price action trading is a valid method of trading. There are many Forex trading educational websites that offer price action trading. A good example is Price Action Ltd but in this review, we have not endorsed that website.

Most of these sites won’t help you make any money if the mentors are not professional traders. There’s a difference between a marketer and a trader. We want you to get the difference before you can spend any money on a site like

Price Action and Income review

The site is aesthetically-beautiful and professional of course. The content appears educative and any wannabee Forex trader would really be curious to know more as soon as they land on a site like

However, Richard K is not known in the Forex trading circles. His website has posted trading performance which could be used to evaluate his trading prowess.

The question is, how do we know whether he is a Forex trader or an internet marketer trying to make money by promoting Forex trading products?

It’s easy. The answer is in the quality of the content he proclaims to teach students as well as performance record.

What is offered at Price Action and Income website

The first product offered here is the usual daily trade forecast. The alleged win rate is 80%. Of course there needs to be some proof to support this assertion. Otherwise it comes across as mere marketing gimmick.

Richard’s Exponential Profit System course allegedly teaches trading techniques as well as indicators that can be useful in helping traders succeed.

The propulsion method teaches market geometry. This is a 3-part video series which has been designed for beginners and experienced traders who have not yet achieved consistency.

The EPS trading system is for teaching how to trade within market structure for high profits and high probability trades. The Exponential profit system teaches entries, exits and money management.

Finally, the EPS trade forecast is the signals which Richard K sends to your email. He claims that traders can make 3 digit returns when they follow his trades.

Price Action And Income reviews and pricing

The cost of Exponential profit system trading course is $297. Trade forecast and trade alerts costs a whooping $1497. The cheapest product costs $47. This is the 3 part video series called the propulsion method.

Trading performance

Richard K has a dedicated page on his website where he is allegedly posting real trades from an account whose initial deposit is $10,000.

According to the stats on the page, the total number of trades won is 1163 while lost trades total 569. If this data is anything to go by, we can say this is nowhere near the 80% win rate which Richard K is advertising on his Price Action and income website.

Also, I was not able to verify the accuracy of those numbers. I hope to do so in the coming days before I update this price action and income review.

Reviews and testimonials

There’s no feedback from the public at all, which makes us wonder whether there are real students purchasing any of these products.

Their Facebook page has zero customer reviews but more than 70,000 members. This is not usual. They have a YouTube channel but this page too does not have any feedback.

The question is why a popular site like this one is not receiving any feedback despite many people actively using words such as Price action and income reviews on Google to learn about the service.


In as much as seems to be a quality site with quality learning material, our confidence is shuttered by the fact that nobody is telling us whether the courses and trading signals are as good as Richard K is putting it.

The trading performance has not been verified yet, and this will definitely be a concern. At the moment, we are not endorsing this trading school until further notice. Don’t be afraid to add something to this review if you are a student and have received value out of the money you spent on this trading school.

12 thoughts on “Price Action and Income Review: Is Richard K Legit?”

  1. I really like their material – I purchased The Propulsion Method, Exponential Profits System, and Reversal Patterns & Entry Points. Unfortunately their customer support is non existing – literally non existing. Initially The Propulsion Method appeared om my Dasgboard, then it dissapeared. Also, by mistake, I paid twice for Reversal Patterns & Entry Points. I sent 3 times emails to the customer support, and once to Richard K – by the way, asking them not for a refund my erroneous second payment, but to apply it towards the purchase of Precision Pitchfork Trading. It gas been 2 or 3 weeks since my first email, and there has been no responce at all. They do not have a contact phone number, nor an address. The only way to contact them is through email, and they do not answer emails. Once again, I really like their materials, but do not count on being able to contact them, or to discuss anything with them.

  2. I had a trial of the Trade Signal service, with a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.
    The month did not go well. Few trades and one winner, one loser. I didn’t think it worth paying another month for perhaps no movement.
    I applied for a cancellation and refund three days before the month was up and heard nothing. Then I saw they were charging me for a second month. I emailed every few days. Richard, support and another email address I had for them too. Very hard to get a response. Eventually they said they had cancelled my membership and refunded the second payment.
    I have had to email a few times since to try to get my original fee refunded. The only response was to say I was too late requesting it. I don’t think they read the email thread, even though the whole story was explained in the latest email to them.
    Still haven’t got a response or refund.
    I felt that Richard seemed very genuine and had a real technique for markets.
    I still feel he may be genuine but gee, customer service is atrocious and almost non-existent.
    I’d have to give them a miss on any of their other products. I had been thinking of buying the course. Now I wouldn’t.

  3. As with the previous posts, the customer service is virtually non-existent. In my case I never received the materials I purchased and after several email attempts i gave up on them and requested a charge back from my bank by disputing the charge. It’s too bad because their material seemed interesting to me.

    • Did not get any product,no phone number, no response to emails, customer service
      does not exist. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! I don’t know if he is a scam, but
      Richard Krugel is a RIP-OFF

  4. Did not get any product,no phone number, no response to emails, customer service
    does not exist. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT!!!!! I don’t know if he is a scam, but
    Richard Krugel is a RIP-OFF

  5. I also paid twice for one of their courses, but had no problem with refunding. I paid them through PayPal few months ago. The materials are really good.

  6. Spewing I dd not read this site before I got sucked in to the smooth salesman Richard Krugal

    Still no refund nor email reply.

    But he keeps sending me emails everyday telling me how successful he is and asking me to join. How he just had a great month! I was a memener and we did not have one winning trade. SCAMMER

    I gather from his lack of response he is just a thief.

    1 Subscribed for a month,
    2 Asked to leave.
    3 Charged me for another month when I emailed and clearly don’t want your services
    4. Finally he email that he hads processed a refund..
    5. No refund comes , that was obviously a lie.
    6. Then he charges me again for the 3rd time.
    7. No emails replies you go silent.


  7. Hello
    I’m in the process of trying to cancel my monthly membership as well. Sent 4 emails and also tried messenger. No response and the next payment is due in a few days. I can confirm that there is no customer support from these guys.

  8. I did get my refund for my initial payment, eventually! But I had to send emails constantly, including all the reasons why they should do the right thing. Don’t know if that helped at all. It was a long, tiring process. Unnecessary.
    I was subscribed for the daily trade set-ups. Never much came to pass. Saw one winner, one loser, lots taking ages to set up. Don’t know if that’s normal. Subscription rate is too high to hang around and find out.
    The analysis seems genuine and obvious work in it.
    Customer service let’s them down.
    Also, without PayPal payment it is very hard to cancel subs yourself.

  9. I bought the EPS course for 50% labor day discount. Content and the dashboard seems decent and good quality. Then he kept on sending very longwinding marketing emails for his signals service where you can achieve huge profits. I do not think Richard does not know how to trade, but I do think his customer support and transparency is very poor. I sent him several emails, to his email address, as well as support, but no response so far. I really thought to have found something interesting and legit. I’m of the point that everyone should complain more about this on his youtube channel. In the comment. Leave negative feedback over there because it seems that he reacts on some comments. Please Richard don’t disappoint us and improve your services. I think it has good potential.

  10. I subscribed to a discounted 2 year membership in Dec 2020, daily email trade analysis and set ups. Web ste and analysis looked interesting. I was charged twice for the service , 2 x £360, I eventually was refunded but took several emails. For some reason I stopped receiving the daily email in mid Feb. I contacted customer services several times and eventually they reset my account however, emails stopped again and to this day nothing received. Again contacted customer services , long delay in responding with usual ‘we are here to help’. When I asked for a refund I got an instant response of sorry outside the 30 day window! So currently have no service I paid for and the joke of all 4 months into the year the website platform has only one trade in profit this year. Lesson learnt, no one can offer 80% return when trading otherwise we would all be millionaires

  11. SOrry for all you people but thank you for sharing your stories, I got the email that talks about the system and I wanted to try it but after researching anything about the system I found this thread….Now I don’t even want to try or spend my time reading anymore thank you thank you for your reviews, safed me and maybe others some money…


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