Premium Trade Investment Review: Beware of Scam

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Premium Trade Investment is yet another scam site purporting to offer reliable financial services to private and institutional investors. The fraudulent website is hosted at It has been around since March 2021. is registered privately but is associated with an entity called Premium Trade Investment International. However, we’ve observed that this entity is not incorporated anywhere, even though they’re giving a London address. This also means that Premium Trade Investment is not a licensed financial service provider.

That said, we feel that this is a risky website to trust with your investments. The products they offer include wealth management, trading strategies as well as a platform for trading Forex, Gold and CFDs. In other words, they pretend to be a legitimate Forex and CFDs broker. Furthermore, the business runs on two website domains. Apart from, they also have the same exact business on the domain.

We ask you to avoid this scam at all cost. This is why their two websites are highly suspicious and shouldn’t be trusted.

Premium Trade Investment Review: Not a regulated platform

The business appears to target high networth victims as they suggest it on their website. Their style of operation is similar to another investment scam called Britannia Global Markets which is also actively operating in the UK without an FCA license.

The theme that these fraudsters are using on their website is very convincing. A serious investor might think that this is a professional broker and portfolio management company. They don’t raise any doubt unless you are a very careful person.

Their marketing materials also lie to entice high networth investors. For instance, the site claims that Premium Trade Investment provides “highly sophisticated” Forex, Bullion and Commodities trading solutions.

When a high networth investor learns this, they are likely to call the owners of the company for more information before proceeding to invest in the scam — of course unbeknown to them that they’re dealing with a fraudulent company.

The fact is that this website has no real company and they are not licensed by the FCA — which is the main financial regulator in the UK. Such websites must be avoided at all cost.

Premium Trade Investment ownership details and red flags

When it comes to ownership details, the about us page lists the “board of directors” whose chairperson is a person called MAHMOOD EBRAHEEM AL MAHMOOD.

Mr. Mahmood Ebraheem Al Mahmood lives in Abu Dhabi and is the CEO of ADS Securties LLC. This company runs a Forex broker called ADSS.

If you look at these details, you find that the same person is listed as the CEO of ADS Holding LLC.

It seems that Mahmood Ebraheem Al Mahmood is a legitimate person. However, Premium Trade Investment is impersonating him to feign legitimacy. The person is listed on the scam site’s board of directors page when in the real sense this person has nothing to do with Premium Trade Investment.

What to do if you’ve been scammed by or

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There is no obligation from your side. The purpose of submiting your case is to see whether you can qualify for a chargeback. The consultation is of course free. 99.9% of victims receive their lost money back if they choose to ask for chargeback. So follow my recommendation.

The Conclusion

Now that you know the fact that Premium Trade Investment and its associated entities is a scam, you should keep off these people.

Their website is not straight forward, plus we fear that they may be involved in a big scam that steals millions of dollars from investors.

If you want to invest, you can start with these brokers. If you need automated trading or somehow want to try your hands on trading, just pick any of these recommendations.

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