Premium Trade Asset Review: Scam Artists at

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Premium Trade Asset is a website that lies to investors that they have diversified their financial activities to cover Crypto trading, Crypto mining and yield farming. In addition to this, they have a token called “Premit Coin”. Premium Trade Asset is claiming that 1 premit Coin is worth $5. However, this coin is not listed with any exchange, and it’s impossible to verify its value. This is because Premit coin is basically a worthless token that is meant to scam users who sign up on the fraudulent platform. Because this is neither trading nor investing, we urge you to find real trading opportunities here.

Meanwhile, the scam artists claim that they’re generating dividends for investors through the alleged financial activities. They promise a daily return of 20%, which is not possible in any kind of trading setup. The minimum investment that solicits from investors is $50. But this figure is meant to entice victims to deposit more money. Probably victims that deposit $50 will receive calls from the scammers who will ask them to deposit more money in order to make “more profit”. Beware of their tricks. Here’s why you should not trust Premium Trade Asset.

Premium Trade Asset Review: The clever scam

Truth is that Premium Trade Asset has nothing to offer investors. While they claim to mine Crypto 24/7, the website does not show us evidence of Crypto mining activities. This seems to be a cover up so that investors will not question where the supposed ROI will come from.

Premium Trade Asset also suggests that they use AI Trading bot in addition to entering business partnerships with various entities in order to keep paying their investors.

But the problem is that is just a bogus website that has no business with real investors. That is why they don’t have any evidence of trading or entering partnership with the alleged De-Fi ecosystems.

These narratives are part of the wider scheme to persuade you to sign up and deposit money into their bank accounts.

This is how scams such as Elite Capital International, Prance Gold Holdings, CFX Global run their business. Most of them have now gone under because they didn’t have a sustainable business model. has zero customer feedback

Since their daily return is so high, one would imagine that everyone is investing with them. After all, 20% daily ROI is 600% in a month. This is enough to make many people quick their job.

In fact, we should be seeing reviews of their happy customers everywhere on the internet.

The problem is that no one is willing to trust Premium Trade Asset because it is obviously a scam.

The platform does not have reviews from anyone who has signed up and made money with them. They are basically operating like Crypto Crown which tried to convince us otherwise only to hit a dead end because they could not answer our questions.

What to do if you’ve been scammed by Premium Trade Asset

It is possible that such scams can steal a lot of money from victims. $50 is just the starting point since some victims can easily find themselves losing thousands of dollars in the processes of depositing more money and hoping to make more money.

If you have lost money in this fraudulent financial platform, you should raise your case using the form which I intergrated on this review. A live chat is also at your disposal for this purpose. I’ve made it easier for you to initiate the chargeback process — of course with the help of a professional agency.

The conclusion

Avoid investing in any website that raises questions and doubts. This particular example is a pretty common scam on the internet.

They are not licensed by any financial regulator, yet they continue to offer illegal securities.

The aim of Premium Trade Asset is to make as much money as possible. They can only close shop if there are several complaints on the internet. This makes it impossible to continue doing business.

Thanks for reading the Premium Trade Asset review.

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