Review: Scam or Premier Trading Secrets? is a landing page that peddles “15 virtually unknown Forex secrets”.

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This landing page is full of marketing fluff and is also very cumbersome to read. In the end, the author also wants your email address.

We prefer trading products and services that have a strong track record of performance. So there is no way we’re going to recommend this get-rich-quickly trading program.

It is possibly that the reason this dude wants your email address is enable him do more upsells and take more money from you since it’s obvious this product is nothing more than snake oil.

They are also claiming that people who buy these “secrets” will make a fortune.

The product in question is called Premier Trading Secrets which comprises of “learning materials” that will allegedly turn users into “overnight millionaires” from Forex trading. is basically promising financial freedom to everybody that buys the product.

The cost of this program is just $19.95. The author of this product is anonymous.

They’re using the usual rags to riches story but unfortunately we are not able to verify the millions of dollars they supposedly made from Forex trading. review

They are using a generic name (Millionaire Trader from London) instead of their real name.

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They claim to have the magic formula to trading Forex profitably. All of these self proclamations and supposed achievements are unverifiable.

This is why our review will demystify everything that this snake oil salesman is saying. Review (Premier Trading Secrets)

Every now and then we deal with yet another con man.

The aim of these Forex trading gurus is to make money by selling financial wizardry to the financially desperate and naïve.

There are so many ridiculous claims on the Premier Trading Secrets website.

Here are some of the things that obviously suggest this product is a scam:

  • I made  82,336 in a month (claim is accompanied by photoshop screenshots)
  • The product will work with all trading styles you can dream of
  • These “secrets” will still work for you even if you have a small account of $100
  • “I share my best stuff because it doesn’t hurt me and I do not make money from teaching students”
  • “Our income increased during Corona virus pandemic
  • “We normally put people through application process, 1 on 1 interview and a $1000 investment to join but we are giving this system for free”

And many more…..

When you across an aggressive sales page like this one, you have to ask yourself the questions that we’re looking answer to.

The following are concerns that fails to address because it is a scam:

No insights on the “secret Trading strategies” is claiming to sell secret trading strategies.

However, the sales page does not disclose what exactly the strategies look like or even a quick overview of those so-called strategies.

In all of the reviews we write here, we always have a subtitle reserved for discussing trading strategies of a product or service.

This website does not have any insights.

Additionally, the sales page is just focused on marketing the product and not giving answers that are badly needed to make a purchase decision.

Premier Trading Secrets has no real results

We love to recommend trading products and services that have demonstrated that they can generate consistent results from the financial markets.

Premier Trading Secrets is promoted based on fabricated screenshots of supposed profits.

These screenshots are clearly edited for the purpose of selling the product.

If this anonymous vendor wants to be trusted with his supposed secrets, he should start using a statement sharing service like myfxbook.

This is the only way he can be taken seriously.

A millionaire’s secret for $20?

Ask yourself why these “trading secrets” that make overnight millionaires are retailing for 20 bucks only.

If these secrets are real and profitable as claimed on the sales page, they would be worth much more.

Why is the owner of anonymous?

Again there is no definite answer to this question. Forex traders are increasingly becoming knowledgable and even more skeptic.

They are not willing to buy from anonymous vendors and more so those who promise overnight millions.

We cannot recommend a product like this either.


Avoid this landing page and product at all cost.

It is peddled by a silver tongued salesman that hopes to make quick bucks on the financially ignorant.

Once you know their aim, you will not fall for these too good to be true Forex products.

Stay away from this scam.

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