Premier Trading Solutions Review: The Nick T’Souvas’ Scam

This Premier Trading Solutions review discusses what products and services they offer and whether or not to subscribe.

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Premier Trading Solutions is running its business from the domain

The company is owned by Nick T’Souvas who is nothing more than a salesman charging ridiculous fees for Futures and Stock Options course, trading software and Bootcamp.

Actually, students who want to join for training must sign up for the 30 day Bootcamp experience which costs $1,995 upfront.

In addition to this, Nick of Premier Trading Solutions also wants to sell you his $195/month PTS Software.

In addition to this, they are referring students to Leeloo Trading and OneUp Trader “get-funded programs”.

The above two programs are claiming to fund traders with little capital but in the end, they take the participants subscription fees and kick them out.

Mr. Nick is also offering massive discounts for his products and services.

Students can also get a 50% money back guarantee if they are unsatisfied after 30 days of consuming this learning material.

Mr. Nick has also collaborated with Jim Carter and Gary Merlo to run this business.

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Jim is not a professional trader but a coder. Gary too is not a professional trader.

Premier Trading Solutions review

However, in the trading room, these individuals occasionally call some trades.

It is like someone who never attended medicine school wanting to operate on a patient in the theater room.

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Is Premier Trading Solutions legit?

These guys will sell you cheap promises. They will tell you how they are offering secret proprietary information that no one else is offering.

In their sales pitch, Nick promises to make his students rich using his trading products and services.

He likes to use words with vague meaning to promote his trading products.

In the Boot camp, Nick also talks about the market rather than demonstrating how he can trade on a live account.

We also noticed that these guys are trading on a simulator while claiming to be rich from trading the options market.

Nick’s empty talks range from discussing what CFTC stands for to who is controlling NQ/SE.

We do not believe that this information is helpful to students. The reason why the owner of Premier Trading Solutions is telling these stories is to make himself sound knowledgeable about trading.

Mr. Nick’s trading software has continuously lost money in multiple trades gone bad.

He will give flimpsy excuses every time this happens. The PTS software is guaranteed to lose money since it does not have any track record of making money in the options market.

Equally, the salesman behind this software and bootcamp does not have a track record of his personal trades.

All he does is to trade on a sim while pretending to know a lot about the financial markets.

These carnival backers will definitely steal your money. You deserve a 100% money back guarantee if you ever fall for their trick.


Considering the empty promises used to promote PremierTradingSolutions products and the lack of verifiable trading results from owners of this business, we can conclude that it’s a scam.

There’s nothing to recommend here. We cannot verify claims of boot camp trading experience being profitable to students.

You should just keep your money or invest it on these trading products and services.

4 Responses to “Premier Trading Solutions Review: The Nick T’Souvas’ Scam”

  1. Terry Fisher says:

    I believe a rebuttal is in order here. This is a very slanted review. I have attended Premier Trading Solutions boot camp. My experience is completely different. Nick T’Souvas is an educator, which he makes very clear. He has studied extensively with professional traders and continues to improve his education and trading today. I highly recommend Premier Trading Solutions if you are interested in learning the futures market and developing a winning trading style.

    1. TEFX Team says:

      This is a highly suspicious review/comment from persons that either work with Premier Trading Solutions or owners of the website. Stay away from marketers of this kind.

      1. Terry Fisher says:

        Not an employee, but I am a client. Does that fact make my comments suspicious? People who stick around longer than a few days or weeks are the most credible. Anyone can post a negative review, and you should be highly suspicious of “reviews” from people who have an axe-to-grind because of their own incompetence!

  2. Steve says:

    I don’t know Nick or Premier but have been in the trading (proprietary & retail), brokerage and hedge fund industries for 31 years and I can without a doubt in my mind side with the reviewer. The bio sounds like all fluff with a few red flags, almost everyone who markets through Online Trader Central is just a marketer. Seen dozens of these snake oil salesmen. I would be extremely cautious.

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