Precise trader Review

Precise Trader (PT) is a service that was launched to make “earning with Forex simple”.

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This service is associated with someone called Mr. Rajoo who proclaims to have mastered technical analysis since 1995.

Mr. Rajoo apparently has a working trading formula which he has developed for the last 15 years.

He is operating PT from 53 Dunlop St, Singapore and his business contact is +65 6291 5333.

His Precise Trader website provides live trading, webinars, workshops and signals, and the service appears to have been launched in 2007.

They believe in consistency of trading strategy, reliability of their technical analysis report and “track record”.

Precise Trader is currently providing free trials which run for one or two weeks.

Students will trade 80 instruments to trade which include FX pairs, Commodities and CFDs.

In addition to this, the service supports scalping, swing trading, momentum and news trading.

Proper money management is covered and they also believe in live streaming trades, analyzing and discussing trends and past trades, emotion-free trading and interactive Q&A sessions.

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With that in mind, Precise Trader believes they can help students earn a second income from home.

Precise Trader review
PT website

Is Precise Trader legit?

It boils down to trading performance, in the same way vendors who sell these top trading products prove themselves.

I’ve looked throughout the website but didn’t find any past performance of their trades.

They claim to trade live and stream their trades for their students to see.

I expect the results to be documented on a statement sharing service like myfxbook.

And so far, PT has not done so. I am also interested in the track record of Mr. Rajoo.

Unfortunately nothing much is known about him.

Should you subscribe for Precise Trader services?

If you must subscribe, start with the free trial.

Nonetheless, you should not pay for this service if you have not tested and seen that indeed it’s worth paying for.

I also see that no prices have been mentioned upfront on the sales page.

It would have been good if Mr. Rajoo of Precise Trader provided some sort of verifiable trading performance.

Otherwise he can’t beat the competition.


My initial impression was very positive about this service. The quality of education seems to be good but lack of trading performance is a major setback.

In 2020, vendors selling trading education and experience shouldn’t skip this crucial part.

The trial is good but again no one wants to waste their time on a service like this only to exit after 2 weeks.

Thanks for reading my Precise Trader review.

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